SIM cards for every use case


Our operator-agnostic SIM management functions allow you to provision and manage subscription profiles over-the-air (OTA). The EMnify solution supports all classic form-factors, industrial grade as well as embedded deployments (eUICC).



  • Global coverage with a single module
  • Best signal/least cost network usage
  • Operator independent connectivity characteristics

EMnify enables you to host multiple identities on a single SIM and to switch between them at any time.

Industrial Grade

  • Suitable for harsh environments (temperature/humidity)
  • Extended Warranty
  • SIM health monitoring
  • In-depth tested and pre-integrated

Industrial grade SIM cards greatly improve the reliability of your IoT deployments, in-depth tested and already pre-integrated by EMnify.

Embedded (EUICC)

  • eUICC standards compliant
  • Root-IMSI with global coverage
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Secure Data Provisioning

Our tools and APIs integrate the provisioning and life-cycle management of Embedded SIMs into manufacturing, operational and business processes.