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    Intuitive IoT Monitoring Dashboard

    EMnify’s IoT monitoring dashboard lets you analyze your devices and deployments with ease. Track and explore costs, network activity, critical events, geographic distribution, online devices, and more. Isolate individual devices or see the big picture with convenient overviews. Generate business reports on connectivity and integrate data with other services.

    EMnify IoT Dashboard

    Key IoT Dashboard Features

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    Empower your support team with remote access

    When troubled devices are out of physical reach, your support staff’s last line of defense is to log into the device itself. Through EMnify’s IoT portal, your team can establish a secure private connection to our platform and get access to every device using OpenVPN. Execute commands, get device application logs, or perform a reset to help you get your device operational without needing to go onsite. EMnify provides private static IPs and OpenVPN at no extra cost.

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    Explore live or historic traffic data

    With EMnify’s IoT monitoring dashboard, you examine real-time or historic traffic volume by device or by deployment. This helps you identify abnormalities in data consumption and better understand your daily and monthly traffic norms. You can also set service volume limits to prevent excessively high bills.

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    Troubleshoot your IoT devices

    In the critical events dashboard, you can see every error, failure, and event disrupting service or inhibiting a device. When these can’t be solved by automatic network switching, the dashboard lets you reset connectivity, switch to a new network, and block specific radio technologies or operators on a device level. Your team can pinpoint problems and resolve connectivity issues fast before they create larger problems for your customers. 

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    Track every device

    With thousands of devices distributed globally, location-specific issues may arise—and you won’t know unless you can track every device. EMnify’s location dashboard lets you monitor device locations at the network and cell level. You’ll see every devices’ real-time connection status, so you can tell if a device is online, offline, or blocked. If a device is registered to a network but there’s no data session, you’ll see that, too.

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    Monitor network activity

    With thousands of devices, it’s important to track network traffic and data consumption. Our IoT dashboard lets you see activity and usage patterns across the entire network. If there’s an abnormal surge, you can detect which device is responsible and troubleshoot the issue.

    IoT Dashboard Integrations

    EMnify’s IoT dashboard integrates with your other technology to provide device, connectivity, and application data in a single system. By combining connectivity data with your ESP, ERP, CRM, and other tools, you can monitor, control, and automate connectivity events from the tech you use all the time.

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    See it all with Emnify’s Data Streamer

    The EMnify Data Streamer empowers you to monitor and react to real-time connectivity data  about service usage, costs, and network events from your other tools. Our integration guides help you set up proactive anomaly detection alerts and build 360° dashboards with device, application, and connectivity data.

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    Take control with our REST API

    EMnify’s straightforward API lets you bring all our platform’s functionality to the rest of your tech stack. Control your IoT connectivity from any system and streamline your workflows. No need to switch applications to limit data consumption, block a provider, or troubleshoot a device.

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    Cloud integrations

    EMnify integrates with your cloud service provider to close gaps in your IoT security and bring your IoT monitoring dashboard to the rest of your tech stack.

    Try our IoT monitoring dashboard for yourself

    You want to be confident that the IoT connectivity solution you choose works for your devices, applications, and customers. That’s why EMnify gives you everything you need to take our platform for a test drive. Sign up for a free test kit, and we’ll send you one of our SIM cards or eSIMs preloaded with data and 60 days of complete access to our platform, including our IoT portal and dashboard. Schedule a demo, and one of our experts will give you a guided tour.

    IoT dashboard FAQs

    Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about EMnify’s IoT monitoring dashboard.

    Is EMnify’s IoT monitoring dashboard secure?

    Absolutely. You control who has access to the dashboard and what they can do within it. EMnify’s portal has three levels of user access: admin, observer, and user. It uses a multi-factor authentication (MFA) key to keep each login secure. 

    How do I access EMnify’s IoT dashboard?

    You can access all your connectivity data through our intuitive IoT portal, or use Data Streamer to integrate our dashboard with the other cloud services you use all the time. This gives you two convenient ways to monitor your deployments and keep track of your devices.

    How often do I need to monitor my IoT devices?

    Your business already has plenty of apps and software solutions. While connectivity is an integral part of any IoT application, you don’t need to be in the EMnify portal 24/7 to monitor your devices. In addition to integrating with your other tools, you can use Data Streamer to set up alerts for things that need your urgent attention. See our integration guides.

    What kinds of alerts can I set up?

    Notifications are only useful if they come in a format you’ll actually see and deliver information you want. EMnify’s Data Streamer can deliver notifications via Slack, email, or text message, showing you when there are new critical events or other timely changes you should know about. That way when a device reaches its usage limit or can’t send data, you’ll know right away.

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