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Accelerate time to market with
IoT Cloud Integrations

Accelerate time to market and reduce test and development costs. Faster and fewer IoT connectivity integrations accelerate your time to market while enabling connectivity management from your existing applications. 


Control your IoT connectivity, integrate SuperNetwork management into your own applications

Everything that is available in the SuperNetwork connectivity management portal is available as an API endpoint, so it’s easy to integrate connectivity management into your own applications and systems. View API documentation or continue reading to find out more. 

Common IoT connectivity integration challenges

Development time and resources

Every new network operator added increases development time and resources necessary to integrate disparate connectivity systems into your own.

Legacy telco stacks

The traditional telco stack is not compatible with your cloud-enabled business, lacking the expected user experience of a modern cloud-based service and making integrations strenuous and unrewarding. 

Inconsistent view of your data

Every network operator configures their connectivity management platform and integrations differently, meaning that visibility and management of your usage across networks is inconsistent. 

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Integrate IoT connectivity data into your preferred systems with minimal development time


Manage connectivity from your own systems

Remove unnecessary complexity. Govern your IoT connectivity from your own chosen systems so that connectivity becomes part of your product rather than an extra platform to manage.

Reduce development time

Whether it be to automate billing, retrieve device status, or generate usage insights, you are covered. Easy, no-code Zapier integrations and GraphQL APIs allow for quick, efficient onboarding of connectivity data into your own systems with minimal required development expertise or effort required, enabling a faster go-to-market.

Integrations on your terms

No more integrating with archaic, proprietary systems. The SuperNetwork comes with automated native integration of data into 18 major cloud IoT services from AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and other data analytics platforms.

Close IoT security gaps

Cellular connectivity comes with built-in network security features. But there’s a critical gap between traditional mobile networks and the cloud. The emnify Cloud Connect integration boosts your security by creating private connections between mobile networks and the cloud, meaning your data won't pass through the public internet.
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Leverage emnify Data Streamer for real-time usage insights

With Data Streamer, connectivity metadata is available to your cloud platform or self-developed software stacks in near real time to enable: 


Real-time connectivity adjustments

Live, real-time or historic data usage by device or by deployment. Identify abnormalities in data consumption and better understand your traffic norms to enable more informed connectivity decisions.

Manage uptime and costs via alerts

Data Streamer enables you to monitor and setup alerts for everything from network connection failures to data limits so that you can take action to ensure maximum device uptime.

Reduce support wait times

When networking issues arise, your support team needs tools to act quickly. With the emnify Data Streamer, you can visualize device and connectivity data within your other applications, so your support team can diagnose and resolve issues faster.

Own your connectivity with Data Streamer

Monitor your network connection

  • Device status (online/offline/attached)
  • Attached networks
  • Last cell location
  • VPN connection changes
  • Blocked networks

Control data usage and costs

  • Per device (data & SMS)
  • Per country
  • Per data plan

Setup alerts

  • Network connection failures
  • Data session failures
  • Data limit tracking
  • Prepaid balance tracking

What customers say

emnify is way ahead of the game in terms of both technical integration and LTE-M support. Our partnership has been integral to the global success of VuLink.

Matt Trumbo
Senior Product Manager, In-Situ
Join companies like In-Situ that are saving countless hours of development time by leveraging the SuperNetwork's API and Data Streamer.
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What our G2 reviewers say about our integrations

The API, Support and information available are great for automating activation & deactivation of SIM.

The dashboard and the onboarding are really straightforward and easy to use. All features we needed were really accessible for quick integration.

Easy to use, reasonable price, perfect maintenance. The best SIM carrier for IoT. Amazing platform with API.


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