EMnify enables businesses to connect their IoT & M2M devices globally, manage deployments & provides control of devices throughout their lifecycle

Cellular Connectivity

Connect your devices in over 180 countries with 540+ networks through one service provider.

Interface Integration

Powerful, comprehensive tools & APIs enable seamless application & service integration.

Lifecycle Management

Complete visibility & control over all deployments with automated provisioning, monitoring & billing. 

“With EMnify, our devices don’t disappear off the map. The online portal enables us to monitor all our assets in real-time, from anywhere in the world. That’s invaluable to our business.”

Sahil Sachdeva, CTO, Carzapp


Reliable network service & performance-enhancing features empower business growth & market expansion

Network connection.


Choose between best network signal or least cost by country and device
Consistent quality and service reliability
Global cellular service through a single, network-agnostic provider
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Create, configure & manage device profiles
Assign individual tariff and service profiles
Define communication rules and protocols that suit business needs
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Manage devices & connectivity via your own application by integrating our powerful API
Data, SMS & USSD enabled
Easy platform evaluation with full access to all our tools and services
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Establish encrypted communication between your devices and applications

Multiple security layers available

Shield devices from unauthorized external access for data & SMS

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Create subscription models for your application
Bill and charge for your application and device usage
Sell via branded store on web and mobile
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What makes EMnify the right solution for your company?

Building and Construction
Security CCTV camera in office building

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Energy and Utilities
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Industry and Services
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Retailer and Consumer
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