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M2M and IoT SIM Cards for South Africa

IoT in South Africa is evolving quickly, demanding cutting-edge, reliable connectivity solutions tailored for diverse environments—from city centres to open landscapes. With emnifys programmable eUICC SIMs, South African enterprises can harness dependable connectivity, unrivalled flexibility, and complete device control.


Complete Coverage Across South Africa

Our SuperNetwork ensures devices always select the strongest available network. In the event one network is unavailable, the device promptly switches to the closest alternative. Through our Multi-IMSI tech and eUICCs, devices enjoy adaptability and reliability, essential for the South African terrain.

3 Key Features of Our SIM Cards


Multicarrier Connectivity

Break free from network restrictions. Our IoT SIM cards grant access to over 540 cellular networks in more than 180 countries, soon to include satellite coverage. From 2G to the newest 5G, we guarantee uninterrupted service tailored for South Africas diverse regions.


Unified Platform Management

Centralise, oversee, and protect all IoT devices from one comprehensive dashboard. With features ranging from network-based firewalls to VPNs, we ensure optimal security for your devices in South Africa.


Programmable eUICC SIMs

emnifys innovative eUICC architecture revolutionises IoT connectivity in South Africa. The ability to customise SIM card profiles means businesses can adjust them to specific IoT scenarios and power needs.


The emnify eSIM for South Africa

Welcome to the next generation of IoT connectivity with emnifys eSIM. Offering broader network access at competitive rates, our eSIM ensures the best data-capable connections, leading to continuous, optimal operation. The outcome? Optimal coverage, top-tier performance, and unmatched adaptability.

Highlights of the IoT Supernetwork You Don’t Want to Miss


Cloud-Driven Infrastructure

Enhance IoT communications in South Africa with our cloud-native infrastructure. Experience swift data relay and minimal latency, crucial for real-time applications.


All-in-One Connectivity Management

Centralise and derive insights from your IoT deployments across South Africa with our powerful management platform.


Network Insights

Utilise our advanced IoT dashboard for both historical and real-time data, crucial for making informed decisions in the dynamic South African market.


Seamless Cloud Integration

Our system harmoniously integrates with leading cloud service providers, ensuring streamlined data flow and rapid communications.


Dedicated 24/7 Support

Benefit from the expertise of our dedicated IoT team, ensuring smooth operations in South Africa, and providing prompt support whenever needed.


Robust IoT Security

With our specialised SIM cards and monitoring tools, enjoy top-tier security measures, from IMEI locks to connectivity profiles, vital for the South African digital landscape.

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