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IoT Point of Sale Connectivity Solutions

Reliable IoT POS connectivity
out of the box for a better
customer experience

Easily activate multi-network enabled IoT POS systems anywhere with a single SIM for a friction-free customer experience.


Never miss a payment again with IoT POS connectivity you can count on

POS systems operate in diverse environments—from busy stadiums to remote EV charging stations. Each location presents unique connectivity challenges. Relying on a single network can lead to issues, especially in areas with heavy traffic or in remote locations with spotty coverage. 

Cellular connectivity from one network may initially seem sufficient. But what if it fails? Imagine a festival where your single operator's coverage is spotty and your POS devices cannot connect. Without a built-in backup provider your merchant's cannot accept payments. 

The SuperNetwork eradicates this opportunity for downtime with a single SIM solution. It connects to multiple leading networks nationwide, guaranteeing connectivity wherever your POS system is deployed.

Have a look at the SuperNetwork coverage map to discover the best connectivity options for your POS systems.


IoT connectivity for every POS use case


Wireless POS terminals

Successful transactions are the lifeline of a merchant's business. A reliable cellular connection right out of the box to the leading networks in any location is how the SuperNetwork keeps your merchant customers satisfied.

Countertop POS systems

As merchants integrate more cloud-based applications for inventory, staffing, and promotions, consistent connectivity is vital. The SuperNetwork enhances these countertop POS systems, ensuring that your merchants can always access the services they need for smooth operation, without disruption.

Vending machines

For vending operators, OEMs, and POS providers, choosing the right network operator for each location can be challenging. The SuperNetwork simplifies this with a single SIM that accesses leading network operators everywhere, giving reliable service for IoT vending machines under any circumstances.




Micro markets

Micro markets depend on uninterrupted transactions and operational efficiency. The SuperNetwork provides reliable IoT POS connectivity that supports not just payment processing but also remote traffic analysis and inventory management, allowing operators to avoid costly site visits and maintain continuous online operations.

Self-serve kiosks

Positioned in high-traffic locations like restaurants and airports, self-serve kiosks benefit from the SuperNetwork’s uninterrupted connectivity. This reliable link ensures that kiosks offer quick, efficient service and remote troubleshooting capabilities, keeping devices operational and enhancing the user experience.

Mobile ATMs

Essential at festivals and live events, mobile ATMs rely on the SuperNetwork’s ability to switch to less congested networks. This feature ensures that connectivity remains strong, facilitating reliable transactions and building customer trust, even amid large crowds.

EV charging

As EV charging stations proliferate, the need for reliable NFC-enabled POS connectivity grows. The SuperNetwork connects these stations to the best local networks, ensuring seamless operations for both charging and contactless payments.
alberici 2

2,000+ POS devices connected via the SuperNetwork

Italian payment experts Alberici specialize in designing, manufacturing, and commercializing automatic payment systems. With over seventy years of industry experience, Alberici has delivered a wide range of automatic payment solutions to professionals in the industries of amusement, gaming, vending, carwash, and self-service laundries.

Today, emnify provides Alberici with a robust and efficient connectivity solution for remote management of over 2,000 payment machines.

IoT Connectivity for your POS devices

Deliver your best customer experience with IoT connectivity built for point of sales systems

Redundant, local multi-network IoT connectivity

Ensure your merchants never miss a payment. The SuperNetwork maintains your POS devices' connection by:

  • Automatically switching across the best networks at each location.
  • Simplifying SKU management with a single eSIM for global distribution.
  • Providing uninterrupted service with no network steering.
  • 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE-M, NB-IoT, and satellite NTN connectivity.

Managed in a single platform for operational efficiency

Reduce the complexity of POS operations by managing all devices across all networks from one platform:

  • Automate your SIM lifecycle from provisioning to deactivation globally.
  • Conduct remote troubleshooting across networks, reducing the need for field visits.
  • Integrate SuperNetwork capabilities with minimal development using tools like Zapier integrations and GraphQL APIs.

Detailed network insights for more control

Get complete control over your devices and data with comprehensive network insights:

  • Access real-time device and network data across all networks via Data Streamer.
  • Monitor detailed real-time events including packet flows, radio network signaling, and charging events.
  • Get instant updates on network status and health, with detailed incident and recovery information.

Prevent security threats and data thefts

The SuperNetwork comes with built-in reliable and comprehensive security for IoT devices and data:

  • Utilize AWS transit gateways and Azure IPsec for secure and direct data routing.
  • Employ IMEI lock to secure SIMs to devices, preventing tampering and ensuring device integrity.

IoT expertise and support across time zones

Benefit from the expertise of dedicated IoT professionals, available in your time zone. Our team provides quick support, troubleshooting, and resolution of issues, ensuring your connectivity experience is uninterrupted and consistently effective.

Streamlined issue resolution — Avoid the hassle of extended wait times or being shuffled between departments. Our team's expertise, coupled with our advanced IoT network infrastructure, allows for real-time analysis, enabling faster device connection and issue resolution.

Curious about optimizing your POS system's connectivity?

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