M2M and IoT SIM Cards for the USA

The future of IoT is global, cloud-native, and requires reliable connectivity solutions that stand up to the challenges of modern businesses operating in remote and demanding environments. With emnifys programmable eUICC SIMs, IoT businesses in the USA get reliable connectivity, unrivalled flexibility, and total control over their devices.


3 Highlights of Our SIM Cards


Multicarrier Connectivity

No more network limitations. Our carrier-agnostic IoT SIM cards enable devices to connect to over 540 cellular networks in more than 180 countries, with satellite coverage being added soon. Whether its 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE-M, NB-IoT, or the latest 5G, we ensure uninterrupted service.


One Platform Management

Manage, monitor, and secure all your IoT devices from a single, intuitive dashboard. From network-based firewalls to SMS firewalls and VPNs, our platform ensures your devices remain protected.


Programmable eUICC SIMs

emnify's innovative approach to eUICC architecture has set a new standard in IoT connectivity. Now, with the ability to program your SIM cards, businesses can tailor their SIM profiles to fit their specific IoT use cases and power requirements.


The emnify eSIM for the USA

The future of IoT is here with the emnify IoT eSIM. It provides access to more networks for always-on connectivity at the right price. It can be relied upon to find the best data-capable connection, for continuous operation. The result? Maximum coverage and performance with the ultimate flexibility.


Global Coverage

Our carrier-agnostic IoT eSIMs provide access to over 540 cellular networks in more than 180 countries, with satellite coverage being added soon. Whether your deployment is in a bustling European city or a remote countryside, emnify ensures uninterrupted connectivity.

Highlights of the IoT Supernetwork You Don’t Want to Miss


Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Speed up IoT communications with our cloud-native infrastructure, ensuring quick data transmission and reduced latency across the USA.


Total Connectivity Management

Centralize control and gain insights over your nationwide IoT connectivity with our robust management platform.


Network Insights

Access both historical and real-time data on our intuitive IoT dashboard, aiding informed decision-making.


Cloud Integration

Our platform integrates seamlessly with existing cloud service providers, ensuring efficient data routing and faster communication.


Dedicated Support

With a team of IoT experts available round-the-clock, you're ensured uninterrupted service and support tailored to your needs.


Advanced IoT Security

Our specialized IoT SIM cards and monitoring dashboard ensure top-tier security features, from IMEI locks to connectivity profiles.

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