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    Smart energy IoT solutions

    As the world pursues renewable energy sources and learns to distribute and utilize energy more efficiently, the Internet of Things (IoT) is playing an integral role. Manufacturers like you are building tech that gives businesses, governments, and individuals deeper insights into their energy consumption, helping them use resources more sustainably.


    How IoT improves smart energy solutions

    Usually, when people refer to “smart” energy, they simply mean that it’s renewable—like solar. But the Internet of Things empowers utility providers and developers to build smarter energy systems. Connected sensors can collect and transmit real-time data about how and where energy is being used. They can help:

    • Establish usage patterns so anomalies can be detected and resolved faster
    • Identify where an issue originates
    • Monitor, report, and control energy production
    • Redistribute energy loads to prevent blackouts and provide more continuous service
    • Automate energy infrastructure to use resources more efficiently

    Smart energy + cellular connectivity

    Smart energy solutions are often deployed in remote areas or inside buildings, which creates challenges for many IoT connectivity solutions. You may have to build new infrastructure for each deployment. And many connectivity solutions don’t have the signal strength to penetrate buildings. 

    But with cellular, the infrastructure already exists, and the signals work indoors, outdoors, and even in mobile environments. EMnify’s global IoT SIM cards let your devices connect anywhere in the world. A single SIM gives you access to more than 540 networks in over 180 countries.

    We also help keep your data and devices secure. EMnify Cloud Connect creates encrypted connections between your IoT devices and your cloud resources, and protects your two-way data communication with a Virtual Private Network. Transmissions between your devices and applications never cross the public Internet.

    Here are just a few smart energy solutions you could develop with EMnify.

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    Smart metering

    Smart metering gives facilities greater visibility into their energy consumption, enabling them to recognize regular usage patterns and detect anomalies like leaks, outages, equipment left running, and other inefficiencies. Cellular IoT often plays a key role in smart metering by keeping gateways secure and creating private connections to the cloud.

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    EV charging

    Electric vehicle (EV) owners expect quality service when they recharge, whether the station they’re using is outdoors or in a parking garage. By bringing cellular IoT to EV charging, you and your customers can remotely configure each station and efficiently manage energy consumption. Efficient load management and dynamic load balancing depend on reliable connectivity and constant communication between charge points and EVs. EMnify’s SIMs automatically select the network with the best signal, so you aren’t stuck with poor service and transaction failures. 


    Condition monitoring

    When energy infrastructure fails, it can have devastating consequences. Cellular IoT enables utility providers to monitor the condition of energy grid infrastructure like wind turbines, solar panels, energy storage systems, and dams in real time. As sensors detect declines in performance of individual components, they can alert providers when parts and systems need to be fixed or replaced.

    Get connected with EMnify

    EMnify keeps every device connected, everywhere. Our specialized IoT SIM cards connect to more than 540 networks in over 180 countries, so your smart energy IoT devices work out-of-the-box wherever you deploy. Want to see how it works? Sign up for a free evaluation pack, and we’ll send you two test SIMs preloaded with data and 60 days of access to our platform.