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Fleet Management IoT Connectivity Solutions

Critical fleet management outcomes start with reliable IoT connectivity

Ensure business continuity and improve quality of service via redundant, reliable IoT connectivity - keeping your fleet management devices online, no matter where they may travel.

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Global, multi-network IoT connectivity for fleet management

Get reliable connectivity for your fleet management devices with the emnify IoT SuperNetwork.

Spanning 540+ networks across 180+ countries, the emnify IoT SuperNetwork offers reliable connectivity in even the most remote areas, thanks to our converged cellular and satellite technology.

Network outages happen.

If your primary network goes down, the SuperNetwork automatically switches to a different local provider, ensuring your fleet management devices are never dependent on a single network’s performance.

Rapidly expand to new markets AND simplify SKU management with a single eSIM that works everywhere you ship fleet management devices or operate fleets.

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Fleet management use cases



The SuperNetwork’s cellular connectivity gives uninterrupted visibility into your telematics devices, ensuring reliable data transmission via redundant networks for constantly mobile vehicles.

Dash cameras

With emnify, your dash cams stay connected and can transmit critical data to ensure the operational efficiency and safety of your most valuable assets. No matter your data consumption requirements, emnify offers multiple data plans to fit your needs.

GPS asset tracking

Empower your GPS asset tracking devices with the SuperNetwork’s cellular connectivity plus optional SatPlus coverage. Get efficient remote management, ensure reliable connectivity regardless of location, and get seamless network switching when crossing international borders.
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Sensors and monitors

Monitor sensitive use cases such as tire pressure and cold chain logistics. The SuperNetwork facilitates the swift collection of sensor data, ensuring environmental compliance and fostering safe, sustainable environments.

Electronic logging devices

When Wi-Fi connectivity isn’t predictable, the SuperNetwork's cellular connection ensures that government mandated hours of service logs are uploaded to comply with regulations regardless of location.
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emnify & Berg Insight: Original Research

Unlock efficiency and resilience in fleet management

Discover the transformative impact of merging satellite and cellular connectivity on your fleet's global reach and operational agility.

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Unlock new fleet management use cases with converged cellular and satellite connectivity

NEW! SuperNetwork SatPlus offers advanced coverage and redundancy with the industry’s first converged cellular and satellite connectivity from a single eSIM delivering the most advanced connectivity to provide a new level of fleet management service. Use cases include fleet management, remote operations and management, agriculture, environmental monitoring, and livestock and wildlife monitoring.  


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How emnify helps
your fleet management business

Seamless global data for vehicles

Where there is no connection there is no protection against asset theft, loss of diagnostics, and visibility. emnify ensures your devices stay online with:

  • Automatic switching between 540+ networks in more than 180 countries
  • No network steering - always use the best cellular network
  • 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE-M, NB-IoT, and satellite

More efficient operation

As your fleet management business scales, your business processes should be set up to send any number of devices with automated workflows. emnify helps you ship your devices with less effort, by:

  • Automating initial device configuration with an SMS-API
  • Using a single eSIM to ship devices globally
  • Start and stop the eSIM contract when the device is returned using the REST API

A data price model that fits your business

GPS tracking markets are becoming competitive and data costs can eat up revenue. emnify allows you to save costs by offering:

  • A pay-per-use and custom volume model so you do not spend on unused data
  • Pooling of data volumes across devices to balance out over consumers
  • Global rate plan that can be started and terminated anytime
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Innovative fleet management powered by robust cellular IoT connectivity

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IoT expertise and support across time zones

Benefit from the expertise of dedicated IoT professionals, available in your time zone. Our team provides quick support, troubleshooting, and resolution of issues, ensuring your connectivity experience is uninterrupted and consistently effective.

Eliminate the frustration of extended wait times during critical fleet management connectivity issues. Advanced network infrastructure is designed for real-time analysis, enabling proactive solutions.

This approach ensures quick and effective response, a marked improvement over the typical reactive support found in the industry.

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