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Connectivity Data made easy

Data Streamer

Empower your operations and support teams with real-time connectivity insights for improved business reporting, faster troubleshooting, and enhanced IoT security. Let Data Streamer LevelUp your IoT Operations.

Real-time Monitoring, Data insights and more

Why Connectivity data matters


Monitor Your Network Connection

  • Device status (online/offline/attached)
  • Attached networks
  • Last cell location
  • VPN connection changes
  • Blocked networks

Control Data Usage and Costs

  • Per device (data & SMS)
  • Per country
  • Per rate plan

Setup Alerts

  • Network connection failures
  • Data session failures
  • Data limit has been reached
  • Prepaid balance has been used up

60 Days, all Features, One Platform

Get a free Test-Kit, including SIM Card, pre-Paid-Plan and a 60-days trial period!

Connectivity Data For your Tech Stack

How data streamer works

Supporting automated integration

Easily integrate connectivity data into the tools you already rely on and are familiar with.  Data Streamer supports automated integrations for AWS Kinesis, AWS S3, Azure Event Hubs, Google Cloud Pub/Sub,, DataDog, and counting. Or you can use the Webhook interface to stream event data to any on-premises system and other third-party platforms like, Integromat, Zapier and Sendgrid.

Actionable Insights and Trigger

Once connectivity data is available in your cloud resources, you can leverage tools like AWS Quicksight, Azure PowerBI and Time Series, Google BigQuery and Data Studio to bring data to life and act on it. For example:

  • Trigger connectivity-aware firmware update when a device goes online
  • Send configuration changes when the device enters specific countries
  • Set up alerts for your incident management process

The possibilities are boundless

Here is a real-life use case of how you can harness connectivity insights from Data Streamer.

Frequently Asked Questions

emnify's cellular IoT connectivity platform keeps your devices connected and secure wherever you deploy. Our network-agnostic SIMs let your applications connect to more than 540 networks in over 180 countries. We also offer the largest LTE-M coverage on the market. Let's get you connected!

Cellular networks automatically come with some advanced security features that make them well-suited for IoT. While any device can join a Wifi network, you can only connect to a cellular network with a compatible SIM card. Yet, with traditional cellular networks, the most significant security gap occurs when your devices communicate with the cloud. emnify closes this gap with Cloud Connect, keeping your connections private and secure.

IoT – or M2M – SIM cards provide access to cellular networks to connect devices – with a management platform to monitor and operate device connections at scale. If you want two or more ‘Things’ (connected devices) to communicate with each other, then you need a data connection. In most cases, a standard cellular mobile SIM (or consumer SIM) won’t cut it.

Yes. Whether you need technical support or basic customer service, we’re here to help any time, any day.

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