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    Data Streamer

    Level Up IoT Operations with Connectivity Data

    Empower your operations and support teams with real-time connectivity insights for improved business reporting, faster troubleshooting, and enhanced IoT security.

    Why connectivity data matters

    Before sending data to the application, a device needs to first communicate with the mobile network for authentication. This communication happens through signaling events that are not visible to your application.

    Connectivity data from signaling messages reveals a wealth of insights for IoT remote monitoring and anomaly detection.

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    Network Connection

    • Device status (online/offline/attached)
    • Attached networks
    • Last cell location
    • VPN connection changes
    • Blocked networks
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    Data Usage and Costs

    • Per device (data & SMS)
    • Per country
    • Per rate plan
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    • Network connection failures
    • Data session failures
    • Data limit has been reached
    • Prepaid balance has been used up

    Real-time event streams for IoT operations

    While REST API can be used to retrieve connectivity insights on your backend server, the action is transactional, meaning data is only accessible upon request.

    With EMnify’s Data Streamer, network information is delivered in real-time to your IoT stack, so you can build 360° dashboards showing a unified view of all device, connectivity and application data and set up proactive alerts when anomalies rise.

    IoT Dashboard
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    Deeper insights for business reporting

    Have a real-time, inclusive view of your IoT solution for better business operations and decision-making.


    Delight customers with improved support

    Accelerate issue detection and triaging to reduce ticket resolution time. 

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    Enhance IoT security and reliability

    Quickly pinpoint abnormal data usage and device behavior to reveal security holes and zero-day exploits.

    How it works

    Data Streamer cloud integrations

    Connectivity data to your preferred applications

    Easily integrate connectivity data into the tools you already rely on and are familiar with.  

    Data Streamer supports automated integrations for AWS Kinesis, AWS S3, Azure Event Hubs, Google Cloud Pub/Sub, Keen.io, DataDog, and counting. Or you can use the Webhook interface to stream event data to any on-premises system and other third-party platforms like Automate.io, Integromat, Zapier and Sendgrid.


    IoT dashboard

    Actionable insights and trigger for operational worflows

    Once connectivity data is available in your cloud resources, you can leverage tools like AWS Quicksight, Azure PowerBI and Time Series, Google BigQuery and Data Studio to bring data to life and act on it. For example:

    • Trigger connectivity-aware firmware update when a device goes online
    • Send configuration changes when the device enters specific countries
    • Set up alerts for your incident management process 

    See Data Streamer in action

    The possibilities are boundless. Here are a few real-life use cases of how you can harness connectivity insights from Data Streamer.

    Visualizing device data (lux, humidity and exposure) with connectivity data in a single dashboard using Amazon Quicksight. 

    Identifying top 10 devices by data and SMS consumption and total consumption per device using Google BigQuery and Data Studio.

    Visualizing device data usage on DataDog
    Showing device data in the last 7 days using Azure Event Hubs and Time Series Insights
    Identifying top devices with the highest number of warnings in the last hour on Keen.io

    Take your IoT operations to the next level