IoT Network Security

The SuperNetwork sets new benchmarks in IoT security with a dynamic, scalable, device-centric approach, ideal for modern, distributed enterprises. It integrates Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) network architecture that combines network security functions with WAN capabilities, and is especially relevant in a cloud-centric era with diverse devices accessing enterprise services.

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Global reach and
cloud-native design


Globally distributed

The SuperNetwork, cloud-native by design, offers globally distributed points of presence (PoPs) to ensure devices are always near a SuperNetwork node, reducing latency.

Enhanced performance

By routing traffic through the closest node and applying security policies in the cloud, the SuperNetwork can enhance performance and lower latency.

Scalability and flexibility

Get scalability and flexibility, enabling easy adaptation to business changes such as new locations, growing device deployments, and the integration of new applications and services.
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Protect all devices and data



The SuperNetwork is centered around the identity of devices, applications, and users. Policies are based on identity and context, like device type, location, and data sensitivity. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is applied for all users, ensuring enhanced access protection.


SSO streamlines user access management across various applications and services. It allows quick updates or revocation of access rights when employees leave or change roles. SSO also supports stronger password policies and the enforcement of MFA.

Industry-leading encryption

Employing GSMA standard root of trust encryption and SAFE SIM, the SuperNetwork ensures superior data security in IoT systems. It encrypts all data, both 'in transit' and 'at rest', protecting against breaches and threats.
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Proactively monitor and manage


AI-enhanced monitoring

Monitor traffic and data flows at a granular level, helping with anomaly detection and proactive threat management. Leverage advanced AI to proactively detect and alert on anomalous data patterns in real-time.

Full coverage

Gain ultimate control over DNS settings and create custom rules, implement security filters to block malicious sites, manage internal domain names, and configure settings beyond public DNS capabilities.

Integrated network firewall and DDoS protection

The network firewall, grounded in microsegmentation, allows for precise policy enforcement tailored to each segment's needs for tighter control over network traffic and resource access. Integrated DDoS and overload protection maintain resilience against network issues or malicious attacks.

Advanced security integration


Cloud Connect

Use AWS transit gateways and Azure with IPsec for end-to-end encrypted and direct data routing.

Redundant VPNs

Experience consistent security and uptime with our robust VPN solutions.

Built-in automated security

Rapidly establish secure transport in minutes using our user-friendly portal and APIs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cellular networks automatically come with some advanced security features that make them well-suited for IoT. While any device can join a Wifi network, you can only connect to a cellular network with a compatible SIM card. Yet, with traditional cellular networks, the most significant security gap occurs when your devices communicate with the cloud. emnify closes this gap with Cloud Connect, keeping your connections private and secure.

emnify gives you complete control over your connectivity. If someone hacks your device, you can disable its connection to the network, implement additional restrictions, and even take direct control of the device. By integrating emnify with your other business applications and setting up alerts, you can detect anomalies and unauthorized network activity the moment it occurs—so you can react quickly.

Yes. emnify lets your support staff establish secure private connections to your devices via VPN, so you can always troubleshoot devices and provision SIM cards Over-the-Air.

No. This is a common misconception in IoT, and private Access Point Names. can make remote access far more difficult for your team, as it uses dynamic IP addresses. emnify lets you create VPN connections without private APNs and assigns each device a static IP address, so you can easily access them when you need to.

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