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Introducing emnify IoT SuperNetwork SatPlus

Expand your IoT business into new geographies and use cases with the industry’s first converged cellular and satellite IoT connectivity via a single eSIM, enabling reduced satellite connectivity costs and increased device uptime.

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Maximize device uptime and minimize satellite IoT connectivity costs


Converged cellular and satellite connectivity on a single eSIM for uninterrupted IoT connectivity 


Differentiate product experience and drive top line revenues with a premium level of redundant and reliable data connectivity service


Managed through a single provider, service, and platform, across cellular and satellite networks for lowered operational costs and increased operational efficiency


Compatible with 3GPP 5G Release 17 compliant cellular and satellite hybrid radio modules to enable reduced hardware costs


Flexible converged data plans for your IoT use cases, including data pooling across SIMs

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Download the SuperNetwork SatPlus datasheet

Explore the full capabilities of SuperNetwork SatPlus in our concise product guide. Perfect for quick reference and sharing with other key decision makers.

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SuperNetwork SatPlus opens up new markets and use cases


Asset tracking and monitoring

Assets such as vehicles and heavy equipment often move in and out of the boundaries of traditional cellular networks requiring satellite to maintain uninterrupted connectivity.

Remote operations management

In industries where facilities are in remote areas, satellite connectivity can play a role in enabling continuous, real-time monitoring and adjustment. Mining and Oil & Gas are examples where operations often take place in remote or hazardous locations.


Converged cellular and satellite powers continuous connectivity in remote and rural farming areas, ensuring crops, machinery, and workers have a steady stream of data.

Environmental monitoring

Satellite is important for a multitude of environmental monitoring use cases, including monitoring climate and pollution and predicting weather patterns. For example, utility companies often monitor weather patterns to predict their impact on the power grid.

Livestock and wildlife tracking

Satellite connectivity is increasingly employed in livestock and wildlife conservation for tracking animal movements and health. It allows for efficient management of livestock and monitoring of wildlife in remote areas with limited terrestrial network coverage.
Global Connectivity

Seamless, cellular and satellite IoT connectivity

SuperNetwork SatPlus combines the multi-network cellular coverage of the emnify IoT SuperNetwork with Skylo’s NTN satellite IoT network to enable converged cellular and satellite coverage. SatPlus offers converged coverage in the USA, UK, EU, Switzerland, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. 

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How does SuperNetwork SatPlus work?

Easy setup and management.

Insert the emnify satellite IoT eSIM into your hybrid cellular and NTN gateway


Configure your devices and/or applications for cellular and satellite switching


Manage all cellular and satellite connectivity within the emnify connectivity management portal, or integrate into your own systems via API

SuperNetwork SatPlus technical specifications

Converged cellular and satellite IoT connectivity complies with 5G NTN 3GPP Release 17 compliance for NB-IoT over NTN connectivity with sleep mode support.

Radio frequencies

Satellite bands 255, 256 and band 23. Min. SINR ≥ -10 dB, Min. RSRP ≥ -138 dBm 


Transport layer

Low-bandwidth, message-based IPv4 data transport via UDP


Throughput and latency

Up to 5.12KBpm in UL/DL for satellite communication with maintained latency of 541.46ms

SuperNetwork SatPlus compatible radio module requirements

Required Specifications

Frequency bands

Cellular RAN: LTE and 2G bands; Satellite RAN: B255, B256, B23.

Dual Mode LTE Cat-M1/NB2 (Release 14); 5G NB-IoT over NTN (Release 17)
Enhanced GPRS
Power saving
Transport Layer Protocol
UDP for satellite NTN connectivity
Output power
LTE Class 3: 23 dBm
Antenna gain
3 to 5 dBi
Carrier Certification
Compatible hybrid modules available in 2024

Murata Type 1SC, Fibocom MA510-GL-33, Telit Cinterion ME910G1 / ME310G1 / Quectel BG770A-SN / BG95-S5, Sierra HL7800 / HL7812, Simcom 7070G-HP-S

Murata 3

SatPlus compatible modules from partner MuRata

Murata's type 1SC module is one example of a SatPlus compatible IoT module that is available today. Follow the link below to find out more about MuRata's type 1SC module. 

emnify partners with market leading, affordable hardware providers

SuperNetwork SatPlus is compatible with converged hardware modules from Murata and Sony’s Altair IoT chipsets, conforming with standard form factors and suitable for a variety of device sizes and designs.

Available data plans

Which is the right plan for your IoT use case?

SatPlus 10

SatPlus 30

SatPlus 60

10MB cellular data per SIM per month

10MB cellular data per SIM per month

10MB cellular data per SIM per month

10 satellite messages per SIM per month

30 satellite messages per SIM per month 60 satellite messages per SIM per month
Data and satellite message pooling across SIMs Data and satellite message pooling across SIMs Data and satellite message pooling across SIMs


                                          *Usage of satellite messages and cellular data in excess of the monthly plan allowance is permitted and will be charged at set overage rates.

                                         *For an adjusted SatPlus data plan please reach out to us via the form below to have an IoT expert reach out to you.

Want to know more about IoT SuperNetwork SatPlus?

Let's talk about how SuperNetwork SatPlus can help you grow your IoT business into new markets and use cases. Fill out the form and we'll be in touch.

SuperNetwork SatPlus FAQ

SuperNetwork SatPlus service works with IoT devices with compatible hybrid radio modules with a minimum functionality of: 

  • Cellular LTE NB-IoT/LTE-M and

  • Satellite NTN-IoT IP data services

Coverage regions for SatPlus can be viewed here

We are continuously developing the service reach further to ensure that compatible device can connect soon in even more places using a SatPlus eSIM.

No, a key benefit of SuperNetwork SatPlus is the convergence of both cellular and satellite on a single eSIM, so that when configured, your devices can switch freely between cellular and satellite connectivity.

SuperNetwork SatPlus requires a dedicated satellite IoT eSIM.

NoSuperNetwork SatPlus enables reduced hardware costs with a single satellite IoT eSIM that works with a single, hybrid cellular/NTN modem.

Both your cellular and satellite connectivity is manageable from your single account in the SuperNetwork platform portal. This enables monitoring, management and provisioning of both satellite and cellular plans in one portal view.

Yes, you can use emnify’s REST API universally to manage cellular and satellite connectivity.

Yes, we offer Zapier no-code integrations for SatPlus in the same way we do for cellular connectivity via our SuperNetwork platform portal.

Each SuperNetwork SatPlus package comes with our standard support plan but premium support options can be discussed.

SuperNetwork SatPlus data plans are pooled to limit overage charges, so different SIMs provisioned with the same plan can share their monthly allowance across SIMs. For example, if two SIMs each have 10 satellite messages per month, but one device only uses 6 and another uses 14, your pooled data plan will cover both devices without overage charges. If you require more satellite messages than the 60 in our SatPlus60 package, please discuss this with our IoT experts.

No, you will have SuperNetwork SatPlus data plan charges on the same emnify bill as your existing cellular only subscriptions.

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