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One global SIM card

EMnify empowers its customers with a single SIM card for cellular and LPWAN connectivity across over 180 countries and more than 540 networks around the globe. With EMnify, you can leave behind the stress of dealing with individual network operators and swapping SIM cards in your devices.
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We are where you are - in the Cloud

Opposed to traditional operators all our mobile network infrastructure is distributed globally in public clouds. As our customers also develop their solution in the cloud we can provide simple, automated intra-cloud integrations using standard webservices. Read more about our cloud integration

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For all Use Cases

EMnify SIM cards come in all form factors (including embedded) and are available in rugged industrial-grade flavors. Our customers across dozens of industries use our SIMs in all sorts of use cases across the globe.

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Manage your connectivity from a single place

With EMnify's single platform, you're able to oversee all your IoT devices, how they're doing (with full visibility on network and SIM status, and remote diagnostics) and their data usage and costs from one place. From here, you can also adjust, activate and pause SIM plans.
All platform features. 

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Flexible, fair pricing and transparent costs

We know the importance of scalability for your business, which is why we have no minimum contract duration and you can upgrade, downgrade or pause subscriptions anytime. Our pricing is transparent and you only pay for active SIMs.

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World-class reliability and enterprise support

We work hard to bring you the latest technology to ensure security and high connectivity uptime (99.9%) of your devices. If that's not enough, EMnify's friendly and helpful support team is available 24/7, by phone, live chat and email, to guide you along the way.

IoT SIM cards with Global Connectivity in 180+ countries and 540+ networks

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Commercial SIM

Single IoT SIM card with multi-country, multi-network coverage and prioritizes networks with the best signal/least cost. Can be used in any device.

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Embedded SIM

Smallest SIM cards that are soldered onto a device, and provide additional resistance against vibration and moisture.

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Industrial SIM

SIM cards for use cases in harsh environments where resistance to temperature, vibration and other elements is required for reliability.

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eUICC Profile

eUICC standards compliant so you can install SIM profiles via a subscription management platform. Available on all SIM form factors, including embedded.

Secure IoT SIM card for global deployments


Experience next generation IoT connectivity powered by EMnify multi-network SIM.  Designed for M2M use cases, our SIM allows you to provision and manage all aspects of your connectivity via an easy-to-use interface or our state-of-the-art API.  Utilize EMnify SIM logistics and order any type of SIM cards to any place at any time. 



Commercial Grade

  • Plastic SIM cards in all form factors
    • 2FF/3FF/4FF (Mini/Micro/Nano)
    • 3-in-1 or 4-in-1
  • 64KB memory
  • Endurance rating: 500,000 cycles
  • Temperature range: -25° to 85°C
  • Supply voltage 1.62 to 3.3 V
  • Data retention: 10 years 

Industrial Grade

  • Plastic SIM cards in 2FF format 25x15mm
  • 320KB memory
  • Endurance rating: 8 to 16 million cycles
  • Temperature range: -40° to +105°C 
  • Humidity tolerance (JESD22-A110):
    • 85% at 85°C for min. 1000 hours
  • External clock frequency 1 to 10 MHz
  • Supply voltage 1.62 to 5.5 V
  • Data retention: 10 years @ 105°C,  15 years @ 85°C 
  • Resistance against chemicals, torsional stress, corrosion and salt mist

Embedded SIMs (MFF2)

  • Min. quantity: 500
  • Size: 6x5 mm
  • 320KB memory
  • Endurance rating: 8 to 16 million cycles
  • Temperature range: -40° to +105°C 
  • Humidity tolerance (JESD22-A110): 85% at 85°C for min. 1000 hours
  • Supply voltage 1.62V to 5.5V
  • Data retention: 10 years @ 105°C,  15 years @ 85°C
  • Additional resistance against vibrations, moisture, corrosion, pressure and salt mist  

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