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Network-Agnostic IoT Management

No Surprises.
Just Superior Network Insights.

With granular data insights across all SIMs and a unified monitoring interface, it is simple to collect, aggregate and analyze network data. So you can take control and take action on connectivity and device issues, as they occur.


Device data monitoring

No more blind spots.

Instantly access comprehensive data on network health, signaling, and charging events across all radio networks, enabling proactive issue resolution and enhanced operational reliability

All in real-time.

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Granular network data insights

Get the full details with packet capture/flow logs. Access both real-time and historic traffic volume, by device or deployment.

Spot usage patterns and detect abnormal device behaviors or consumption patterns.

Across all networks.

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Quick and easy integration

Automate and make full use of top IoT integrations with the SuperNetwork.


Integrate effortlessly

Seamless integration with AWS Kinesis, AWS3, Azure Event Hubs, and Google Cloud Pub/Sub

Embed IoT data

Embed your data into CRM, ERP, and other essential apps via REST API and GraphQL.

API-first architecture

Need other integrations? The SuperNetwork is built to be limitless.

The SuperNetwork solution for your IoT business

Read about BePower's business challenges and learn how the SuperNetwork helped them leave these problems in the past.

With the SuperNetwork’s Data Streamer, we improved oversight and operational efficiency, enabling us to expand our charging network by 6 times by 2030.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each application has its unique requirements. Whether you need high mobility, low power consumption, or high data throughput, the optimal solution depends on your devices' purpose and location. To help you think through the options, we’ve created a comparison guide for all the most common IoT connectivity solutions.

No. emnify automatically selects the local network with the strongest signal, so you’ll always have the connection that’s best for your application.

Yes! emnify's SIMs keep you connected all over the globe. You never need to negotiate with new operators or change SIM cards.

Yes, emnify's SIMs can connect to 5G networks. But 5G still has pretty limited global coverage. And it’s not the right choice for most IoT applications. Let’s talk about your IoT connectivity needs.

Yes. We can send you a free test kit, complete with a working SIM and everything you need to get set up with our portal. You’ll have full access for 60 days. Get yours here.

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