What drives us

A culture of people empowerment, performance, accountability and equity


Our Vision

Founded in 2014 we were the first independent company to fully develop and operate a mobile core network infrastructure as a native cloud service, and we remain committed to driving innovations that turn the promises of the Internet of Things into a reality.


Our Mission

With emnify, businesses of all sizes can finally access fast, secure, easy-to-manage connectivity without border barriers, reducing time-to-market and increasing efficiency on a global scale.


Our Goal

We believe in the power of the Internet of Things and we support organizations on all continents in building a world where society can benefit from intelligent devices and smart connectivity.



We drive Transformation

We use our technology and innovative power to drive change and execute our vision. Our employees are goal-driven, risk-taking, resilient and taking actions to ensure transformation.


We enable Customers

We are focused on making the customer successful. Our employees are innovative, reliable, and curious as experts in their field to ensure customer centricity.


We empower People

Together with you, we want to unite people with technology and empower Emnify’s mission. Our employees are collaborative, empathetic, taking ownership and enabling others to ensure a people focused culture.

How we hire

The hiring process at emnify

We commit ourselves to hire the best talents to become part our success story. Through structured hiring we want to create learning opportunities for both sides. We are aiming for objective decision making, skills-based assessment and constructive feedback to candidates.

1 - Application Review

Talent Advisors screen your application with a deadline of 5 days to review your skills based on the current opening but also on other or future openings to evaluate if it makes sense to stay in touch.

2 - Talent Interview

Your Talent Advisor assesses your skills, motivation and functional expertise in a video call for 45 minutes. We commit to a deadline of 5 days after scheduling the call. Please prepare your questions and make sure you get them all answered.

3 - Department Interview

Your Hiring Manager assesses your skills, functional expertise in depth to be able to give a first recommendation in terms of seniority. We commit to a deadline of 5 days after scheduling the call. Please prepare your questions and make sure you get them all answered.

4 - Functional Assessment

Don’t just talk the talk but walk the walk. In order to not just hire great candidates who answer questions well, we are looking for skilled experts! We apply different assessment methods based on the role, skills and the seniority that are needed. We commit to a deadline of 5 days after scheduling the call. Please prepare your questions and make sure you get them all answered.

5 - Final Interview

Get to know your potential team, stakeholders, and spend some time to create buy-in. The final stage is a combination of multiple different interviews depending on the role. We commit to a deadline of 5 days after scheduling the call. Please prepare your questions and make sure you get them all answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, it depends on the role but on average we aim for a hiring process to take no longer than 25 days.

Make yourself familiar with the job description, hiring manager, and our company. When presenting yourself at the interview, think about how to pitch your capabilities and skills within 2-3 minutes without repeating your resume again. Answering questions, please make yourself familiar with the STAR method (Situation, Tasks, Actions and Results).

We use an Application Tracking System called Greenhouse that helps us to structure your hiring process. On top of that, we are working with Metaview, Hackerrank and HiPeople. Why? We believe it’s impossible to remove biases from human beings. At the same time, we want to make sure that we assess your skills as objectively as possible to create the best candidate experience for you and give you valuable feedback to you.

Please check out privacy policy. We care a lot about your data being handled carefully. In case of concerns or doubts, please reach out to your talent advisor.

We are a global company with roots in Germany and colleagues that are located around the world. English is the way for us to be able to communicate across borders. Our advice is to have the language of the job description in mind and apply accordingly. Either way, your English needs to be good enough to express your thoughts and ideas on a professional level in order to get a good grasp of our work here.

If the role is still open, and it’s been at least six months since your last interview, please go ahead.

emnify chose a hybrid approach for employees who have contracts in our hubs in Würzburg or Berlin. We are committed to constantly growing our hubs but know that great talents are not only located in these cities. Our preferred solution is to relocate talents into the hubs. We are working with a professional relocation agency called Progredo together to ensure a seamless experience for our hires. Depending on the importance of the role, we also offer EoR (employer of record) through our partner platform Oyster. In case of doubt, please talk to your talent advisor if your role is eligible for relocation or EoR.
We want you!

Be a part of emnify’s mission

emnify is continuously looking for new talents. The benefits, the technology know-how and our value system has convinced you? Then apply here!