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One Platform.
Global IoT Coverage.

Offering access to hundreds of networks in 180+ countries, the SuperNetwork is engineered for today's modern IoT demands and tomorrow's growth.


Complete global coverage, designed for IoT


Unmatched stability

Rely on our distributed global network, designed for consistent, high-quality IoT connectivity with regional breakouts. 

Industry-leading coverage

Get the best possible coverage and uptime, with network redundancy in every region.

Full transparency

Get full transparency into all network events. See surfaced connectivity issues across networks and in real-time, so devices can switch to a backup network.

Stay ready and stay ahead


Always available

Get exceptional uptime and network diversity with 2-3 reliable networks in each country, ensuring continuous device connectivity.

Compliance assured

Navigate regulatory complexities with ease, thanks to our extensive network of over 100 permanent roaming agreements.

Always secure

Enhance device and data protection with our advanced cybersecurity measures, ensuring robust security across the network.

Outstanding global reach


Reliable access

Gain reliable IoT connectivity globally with direct, independent local network access, featuring permanent roaming and LPWAN support for comprehensive reach.

Full network integration

Integrate emnify IoT connectivity with major cloud BI/analytics platforms like AWS Kinesis and Azure Event Hubs, streamlining your data management and analysis processes.

IoT-centric architecture

Purpose-built for IoT, not voice, the SuperNetwork prioritizes data and connectivity specific to IoT needs, setting us apart from traditional MNOs.

Choose the right coverage for you

LTE-M Coverage

Find your country in the list below to see the available operators. We have multi-carrier coverage in more than 180 countries.

Learn more about our LTE-M coverage.

NB-IoT Coverage

While it’s not as widely available as LTE-M, NB-IoT boasts the same power-saving capabilities with even greater signal strength. NB-IoT is an excellent low-cost, low-power choice.

Learn more about our NB-IoT coverage.

Satellite IoT Connectivity

The world’s first cloud-native platform offering converged cellular and satellite coverage from one SIM.

Learn more about our Satellite IoT Coverage.

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