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LTE-M: What's in it for your IoT solution?

LTE-M is the new 3GPP standard of Low Power Wide Area Networks optimized for medium to low-bandwidth IoT device communication. Amid global 2G and 3G sunsetting, LTE-M introduces a future-proof alternative for growing mobile and stationary IoT applications across verticals.

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Extended range

15 dB higher sensitivity than LTE, providing better indoor and underground penetration and improved coverage in rural areas.
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Low power consumption

Power Saving Mode (PSM) and Extended Discontinuous Reception (eDRX) features enabling a longer battery life.
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Reduced device costs

30% cost of LTE modules thanks to lower bandwidth use and less complex radio signal processing.
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Low latency

Highest data rate of any LPWAN technology to enable mission-critical applications and flexible upgrade of device use cases.
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Excellent mobility

Seamless cell handover supporting mobile devices at up to 300 km/h velocity.
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Small form factor

Smaller-sized modems that fit in compact, modular IoT sensor devices.

Top considerations for global deployment

LTE-M frequency bands

LTE-M frequency bands

In total, there are 26 frequency bands allowed for LTE-M operations. In practice, only a subset of these bands is widely used by network operators.

From an IoT vendor perspective, connected devices with integrated cellular modules need to be tested and certified for all used frequency bands according to the national or regional regulation. 

Knowing commonly deployed frequency bands at your device location, you can simplify antenna design while reducing certification costs.


Feature availability

While PSM and eDRX are two critical low-power features in LTE-M, they are not yet fully supported by network operators in roaming scenarios. 

To ensure customers have the best knowledge of service quality for an informed connectivity decision, EMnify frequently tests the availability of these features and updates the coverage information respectively.

Build and deploy LTE-M devices with EMnify

As of today, EMnify provides multi-network LTE-M connectivity in 44 countries across five continents with a global IoT SIM. We offer four different service levels (expected, observed, validated, and guaranteed coverage*) depending on your deployment location and advise you on network coverage, quality, and availability in line with your IoT project. 

Discover the largest LTE-M footprint for cellular IoT

Last updated: April 30, 2021


LTE-M Coverage
Frequency Bands
PSM Status
eDRX Status
ATM Mobilis
8, 3, 1
Mahanagar (MTML)





Country Network LTE-M Coverage Frequency Bands PSM Status eDRX Status
Iran MCI expected 1, 3    
Israel & Palestine Pelephone observed N/A    
Japan SoftBank validated 1, 8 validated validated
Pakistan Telenor expected N/A    
Singapore SingTel validated 3    
SouthKorea KT validated 3 validated  
LG Uplus validated 5, 20 validated  
SK Telecom validated 3, 5    
Sri Lanka Mobitel expected N/A    
Taiwan Chunghwa validated 3   validated
Thailand AIS observed 8    
United Arab Emirates Etisalat observed 20, 3, 1    
Vietnam Vietnamobile expected N/A    



Country Network LTE-M Coverage Frequency Bands PSM Status eDRX Status
Austria T-Mobile validated N/A    
Belgium Base expected 20    
Orange guaranteed 20    
Proximus expected 3, 20, 38    
Bulgaria A1 expected 8    
Denmark Telenor validated 20 validated  
Telia validated 20    
Estonia Elisa observed 20, 3    
Finland DNA validated 3, 8, 20   validated
Elisa validated 20   validated
Telia validated 20, 8, 3    
France Orange validated 20    
Germany Telefonica O2 observed 20    
Telekom validated 3, 20    
Vodafone validated N/A   validated
Hungary T-Mobile validated 20    
Iceland SIMINN validated 28, 3   validated
Latvia LMT validated 20 validated  
Lithuania Tele2 expected N/A    
Luxembourg Post validated 20   validated
Monaco Monaco Telecom expected N/A    
Netherlands KPN validated 5, 20    
Vodafone (Ziggo) validated 20    
Portugal MEO validated N/A    
Romania Vodafone expected N/A    
Slovenia A1 observed N/A    
Spain Movistar validated 7, 3    
Orange validated 3, 20   validated
Sweden Tele2 validated N/A    
Telenor validated 20    
Telia validated N/A    
Switzerland Swisscom guaranteed 20, 3, 1, 7   guaranteed
Turkey Turkcell validated 3, 20    
United Kingdom O2 validated 20    


North America

Country Network LTE-M Coverage Frequency Bands PSM Status eDRX Status
Canada Bell guaranteed 12, 4 guaranteed  
Rogers Wireless validated 4, 5, 12    
Videotron observed N/A    
Mexico Movistar validated 2, 4    
Radiomovil Dipsa (Telcel) validated 1, 4, 7   validated
United States AT&T validated 12, 17, 20 validated validated
T-Mobile validated 2, 4, 12    


South America

Country Network LTE-M Coverage Frequency Bands PSM Status eDRX Status
Brazil Vivo observed  3, 28    
Peru Movistar expected 4    
Puerto Rico Claro expected 4    



Country Network LTE-M Coverage Frequency Bands PSM Status eDRX Status
New Zealand Spark validated 3, 28    
Vodafone validated 3, 28    
Vanuatu Digicel expected 3    


* Service Level / Coverage Status Definition

  • Expected: LTE-M roaming is theoretically possible based on standard 4G implementations of EMnify's network partners.
  • Observed: LTE-M traffic from EMnify's customers has been observed for this network. 
  • Validated: LTE-M availability is frequently tested and confirmed for this network.
  • Guaranteed: LTE-M service is guaranteed with dedicated roaming agreements.

** All coverage data is provided for informational purposes only and are subjected to change. Actual service coverage, quality, and availability may vary based on factors such as network partners' technology roll-out, weather, interference, topography, and device model.

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