Customer Stories: Helping Telematics Businesses Grow and Scale


Learn how emnify is contributing to the growth of our customers in the fleet management industry with improved uptime, efficiency, and security.

Reliable, always-on connectivity is a prerequisite for any telematics solution. That said, many other factors play into the success of a fleet management business - especially in today’s crowded market. emnify provides not only a global, multi-network SIM solution that intelligently connects your devices with the best among our 540 networks worldwide, but also a powerful cellular IoT platform to manage, secure, and optimize your device communication.

Read on to learn how we are contributing to the continuous growth of our customers in the fleet management industry with improved control, efficiency, and security.

  1. CargoGuard: Tracking valuable goods transportation with zero downtime
  2. Air - Connected Mobility: Positively impacting mobility with 25,000+ connected cars
  3. Kairos Geolocalisation: Efficient fleet management for school bus operators
  4. What other telematic providers have to say about EMnify

1. CargoGuard: Tracking valuable goods transportation with zero downtime

Key facts:

  • Monitoring and security systems for supply chain and logistics
  • 3,000+ connected devices
  • Active in 38 countries across 4 continents


CargoGuard’s goal is to give businesses complete visibility of their supply chain. The company needed a connectivity solution that is as global, secure, and transparent as its solution.

Why emnify?

Beyond cross-border cellular coverage with a global IoT SIM, CargoGuard chose emnify for the ability to manage and control SIM connectivity at any time via an intuitive web portal. As CargoGuard serves customers who transport valuable items like money, jewelry, or precious metals, emnify’s Cloud Connect ensures data communications from all tracking devices are secured using a private network with IPsec/VPN tunnels.

2. Air - Connected Mobility: Positively impacting mobility with 25,000+ connected cars

Key facts:

•  Helping public entities effectively regulate traffic flows and control air polution
•  25,000+ connected devices
•    Online with 4 operators in Italy


Air‘s Move-In project is designed to help mobility managers in the Lombardy and Piedmont Regions effectively control air quality by tracking and limiting traveled kilometers of vehicles with a high carbon footprint. Apart from robust connectivity, strong customer support was a leading criterion that Air looked for in a provider - given the large number of deployed devices.

Why emnify?

emnify’s fast and efficient support allows Air to move faster with their internal operations to avoid delays, improve efficiency, and save costs. The EMnify Portal lets Air efficiently monitor and manage all SIM cards from a single pane of glass. Using the SMS Console, the team can quickly diagnose and troubleshoot the device when an issue arises.

"With emnify, we have a dedicated contact person whom we can always rely on."

3. Kairos Geolocalisation: Efficient fleet management for school bus operators

Key facts:

•    Tracking school buses in 16 countries
•    3,500+ connected devices
•    20+ bus companies


Kairos provides a tailored fleet management solution for school bus operators who have to work with minimal operating margins. Reliable and cost-efficient connectivity, functionality across borders, and scalability are the key ingredients to their solution.

Why emnify?

emnify met Kairos’ number one requirement: reliable cellular connectivity with a multi-network solution to avoid signal loss and significant roaming costs. The emnify API makes it easy to scale as Kairos’ user base grows and solution functionalities are continuously expanded.

"emnify’s powerful platform and API help us keep pace with our growth."

4. What do other customers have to say about emnify?

“We provide advanced GPS and telemetry tracking systems in the Caribbean which is a challenging region due to unstable cellular connectivity by operators. Thanks to multi-network carrier coverage by emnify we can provide a stable and resilient service to our customers. Their platform for managing SIM cards is robust, allowing us to configure various facets of emnify's services. The data pooling allows us to balance data between devices that consume more or less data based on the driver behavior"

“We are a wholesale integrator with a focus in automotive telematics in Mexico. emnify is a key partner to scale up our business model of offering IoT-based telemetry solutions for our resellers and corporate users. emnify's platform for connectivity and device management with global service coverage is scalable and easy-to-use. We recommend emnify because they make it quick and efficient to be in control of your device connectivity."

"Motorsport is our passion. We provide GPS tracking and timing for motorsports events with extensive car diagnostic data transmitted from each race car. emnify is our single supplier of multi-roaming data SIM cards that work where the race is happening. We appreciate the excellent flexibility in managing SIMs via an intuitive UI and fair pricing policy, allowing us to pause the SIM contract and to optimize costs as our business fluctuates seasonally."

“At LOHR we specialize in good transport systems on rails, trucks but we also enter the shared mobility sector. With emnify IoT SIMs and the powerful platform, we ensure our good carriers are always trackable, updated, and provide relevant diagnostic information. The emnify platform is transparent when showing data consumption in real-time and allows us to manage SIMs easily. Having European and worldwide coverage with one single SIM is a huge advantage and customer service is great at ensuring everything works perfectly."

"With emnify we can transmit our GPS data to our web platform in every country and rapidly deploy M2M solutions internationally. emnify's platform also allows precise control and monitoring of our SIM card fleet. I recommend emnify as it's a comprehensive and professional solution, with very reactive technical support and proactive sales team."

From reliable connectivity and a one-stop portal for complete network visibility and control to powerful APIs, automated cloud integration and advanced security features, emnify gives all the tools you need to deploy and operate your telematics devices anywhere and at any scale. Learn more about how we can help your fleet management and telematics business.

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