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Y.Share leads the way with sustainable fleet management

Discover how Y.Share used emnify to help fleet operators save 9.5 million liters of fuel. 


About the company

Founded in 2016, Y.Share set out to help public and private fleet managers achieve their ecological, economic, and safety goals with innovative vehicle sharing and management solutions.

Y.Share is driving greener fleet management solutions

Global CO2 emissions are at an all time high, underscoring the urgent need for sustainable practices across industries. The transportation sector, a significant contributor to greenhouse gases, stands at a crossroads, with fleet operators able to make a difference.

Founded in 2016, Y.Share is on a mission to enable both public and private fleet managers to achieve their ecological, economic, and safety objectives through innovative vehicle sharing and management solutions. At the heart of Y.Share’s strategy is the need for reliable connectivity, essential for real-time monitoring of fleet operations and effective management of vehicle access.

With emnify as its trusted connectivity partner, Y.Share is pioneering a path to reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, setting a new standard for sustainability in fleet management.



Y.Share faced the challenge of securing uninterrupted, reliable connectivity vital for real-time fleet management and vehicle sharing.


Digital twins of vehicle fleets and a modular, non-invasive security locker that enables book-and-share services.
Services used

Services used

IoT SIMs for optimal connectivity, a portal for comprehensive SIM management along with the operator blocklist feature for proactive service troubleshooting.
Y.Share Diagram

Y.Share's tech-driven approach to optimizing fleet management

Y.Share's approach to vehicle sharing and management is built on the DST Pro device for telematics in heavy vehicles and the EasY.Box IoT locker for corporate fleets, both integrated with the Y.Platform for real-time data analysis and feedback.

This system enables significant emissions reduction and fuel cost savings by analyzing driving styles and vehicle dynamics. The non-invasive, modular EasY.Box facilitates easy vehicle booking without the need for vehicle alterations, catering to all fleet sizes.

Transitioning to the emnify SuperNetwork for its reliable, redundant cellular connectivity, Y.Share benefits from seamless network access across Italy, ensuring reliable data transmission and immediate alerts for vehicle access and security incidents. 



managed vehicles

250 million+

tracked kilometers

7+ million

operating hours analyzed

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Handling large fleets of up to 600 vehicles per client, we need a central interface to manage all SIM cards and devices easily. The emnify SuperNetwork is the answer to our requirement.

Edwin Leune
Y.Share, Business Development



SuperNetwork capabilities used


The SuperNetwork IoT eSIM provides access to 540+ networks, reducing the hassle of managing multiple contracts, trying various SIMs, and the associated overhead costs of utilizing multiple operators with geographically distrubuted customers. 

Cloud-Native Portal

Single pane of glass, network-agnostic data monitoring provides granular device and network data insights to pinpoint and resolve connectivity issues and optimize your connectivity service. 


Direct partnerships provide IoT-specific coverage with redundancy and network resiliency, so  devices stay connected. Get coverage and industry leading uptime with network redundancy in every region.
EasY.Box Y.Share

What's next for Y.Share?

As a telematics solution partner for sustainability, today, Y.Share has established a strong foothold in Italy and is now looking to expand into other European markets.

Beyond the fleet industry, the EasY.Box has shown initial traction and interest even in other markets like house-hosting for autonomous and contactless key sharing – a rising topic given today’s global health and safety cautions. emnify’s cellular IoT platform is integral to Y.Share’s solution to achieve its ambitious business goals.

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