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    Customer Story

    How Y.Share uses EMnify to help fleet operators save 9.5 million liters of fuel usage

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    About Y.Share

    Headquarters: Milan, Italy

    Industry: Fleet services


    Enabling safe and efficient fleet sharing and management with less environmental impact


    Digital twins of vehicle fleets and a modular, non-invasive security locker that enables book-and-share services


    managed vehicles

    250+ million

    tracked kilometers

    7+ million

    operating hours analyzed


    The global CO2 emission is at an all-time high, and the call for sustainability is taking the world by storm. With transportation constituting a considerable part of greenhouse gas emissions, the fleet industry has a pivotal role to play.

    Founded in 2016, Y.Share set out to help public and private fleet managers achieve their ecological, economic, and safety goals with innovative vehicle sharing and management solutions.

    Reliable connectivity is the foundation of Y.Share’s solution to monitor fleet operations and manage vehicle access in real-time. With EMnify as its trusted partner, today Y.Share has helped fleet managers throughout Italy cut down on 9.5 million liters of fuel usage*, equivalent to 3,500 tons of CO2 and 132,000 planted trees.

    *as of December 2021

    Why EMnify


    Multi-network IoT SIM: Stable connections for real-time fleet management


    EMnify Portal: Simple monitoring and control of SIM and device connections
    Operator blocklist: Fast and proactive troubleshooting to avoid service disruption

    “Handling large fleets of up to 600 vehicles per client, we need a central interface to manage all SIM cards and devices easily. The EMnify platform is the answer to our requirement."

    Leune Edwin - square -2
    Edwin Leune

    Business Development, Y.Share

    Innovative technologies for sharing and managing vehicles

    Y.Share’s offerings revolve around two pillars – a telematics solution for heavy vehicles with the onboard DST Pro device and sharing service for corporate fleets using the EasY.Box IoT key locker.

    Connected with the vehicle Controller Area Network (CAN Bus), DST Pro collects various information on the vehicle dynamics, including brakes, acceleration, fuel consumption, vehicle type, and kilometers traveled.

    Using Y.Share’s worldwide patented algorithms, the Y.Platform analyzes this data and generates real-time feedback on the driving style quality to drivers via an LED interface. The result? A reduction in emissions and savings of up to 10% on fuel costs – a huge impact for heavy fleets.

    Also manageable from the Y.Platform, the EasY. Box introduces a simple, modular IoT locker for key sharing and vehicle booking. Different from conventional car-sharing solutions, the beauty of EasY.Box is that it does not require invasive installation on the vehicles and can work with fleets of all sizes and types. From a web app, users can book the vehicle and access the key box with ease.

    icon innovative
    “Stable connectivity is fundamental to our business, so there is no data loss.”

    Edwin Leune, Y.Share

    IoT connectivity that can keep up with product requirements

    Y.Share’s solutions use cellular communications to send data from both DST Pro and EasY.Box devices to the Y.Platform.

    “As we’re dealing with vehicles that are constantly moving, the connection quality is very different and variable during usage. If we talk about heavy vehicles like buses and trucks, they often go to the countryside or areas where there is not always a good signal,” explained Edwin Leune.

    What’s more, one feature of the EasY.Box is that a message is sent every time a box is open or when someone is tampering with or trying to cut off the power supply. As such, it is critical to be immediately notified when this happens.

    “We used to work with another provider in our previous product lines, but then decided to switch to EMnify due to the better quality of the cellular connectivity,” added Leune.

    EMnify gives Y.Share access to all four mobile operators in Italy including Vodafone, Telecom Italia Mobile, Wind Tre, and Iliad with a single IoT SIM card. Devices automatically connect to the best available network where they are deployed to guarantee uptime.

    The ability to tackle unforeseeable issues, fast...

    That said, even when using the strongest network signals, issues are not always ruled out. Having a versatile tool for troubleshooting and counteracting when this occurs is business-critical.

    “Last month, a network provider had some problems in Northern Italy where we have one of our biggest clients. Using the EMnify Portal, we could immediately intervene and put that operator on the blocklist to switch to the second-best network. Thanks to that, we could solve the problem quickly and avoid service interruption for our customers,” recalled Leune.

    For agile, high-growth companies like Y.Share, connectivity management tasks pertain to not only technical and operations teams but also other non-technical teams when the situation calls for it.

    Looking into the future

    As a telematics solution partner for sustainability, today, Y.Share has established a strong foothold in Italy and is now looking to expand into other European markets.

    Beyond the fleet industry, the EasY.Box has shown initial traction and interest even in other markets like house-hosting for autonomous and contactless key sharing – a rising topic given today’s global health and safety cautions. EMnify’s cellular IoT platform is integral to Y.Share’s solution to achieve its ambitious business goals.

    “As a non-technical user, I find the EMnify Portal very intuitive and easy to use. Even from the first time, I had no problem understanding and navigating it. The user experience is great.”

    Edwin Leune, Y.Share