Alberici is an Italian expert in designing, manufacturing, and commercializing automatic payment systems. With over seventy years of industry experience, Alberici has delivered a wide range of automatic payment solutions to professionals in the industries of amusement, gaming, vending, car-wash, and self-service laundries.

Having customer experience top-of-mind, Alberici developed ARGO – a remote control system that lets its customers monitor and manage their cash-handling assets in real-time. Today, emnify provides Alberici with a robust and efficient connectivity solution for remote management of over 2000 payment machines on the ARGO platform.

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Why emnify

Providing value-added services with IoT

In Italy, the government provides tax relief towards the costs of installing automatic payment systems with smart functionality. Besides immediate cost savings, remote control of the machines allows users to reap multiple benefits in terms of enhanced safety, productivity, and peace of mind. ARGO is built to enable just that.

The ARGO platform collects numerous technical and usage data of the machines including money exchanging activities, cash balance, service status, and GPS location.

Via the ARGO web portal and mobile app, customers can easily access this information to track all payment transactions or get notified when somebody tampers with the machines. Likewise, they can make more informed decisions on replenishment, collecting, and maintenance procedures.

Reliable and easily manageable cellular connectivity

Because not every customer has dependable Wi-Fi service or is comfortable with network technology, Alberici decided to connect their payment machines using an IoT SIM card. The team found the answer to their needs in EMnify.

emnify’s multi-carrier coverage makes Alberici’s products plug-and-play from anywhere while guaranteeing stable data communications to the cloud. What’s more, the emnify web portal gives the team visibility and tools to manage all device connections and proactively switch network or reset connectivity when required to resolve unwanted issues.

Delivering a superior user experience with API

Being customer-oriented, Alberici’s goal is to optimize user experience throughout the product usage lifecycle. This starts with enabling customers to get the payment systems up and running fast without any technical expertise required. To this end, the team leverages emnify’s API.

emnify SIM cards are installed in the Alberici’s machines and allow Alberici to associate each device with a customer’s record. During installation, the wizard on the machine screen guides users through simple setup steps. The device and SIM card are then automatically provisioned and activated via APIs on the emnify platform.

In the future, Alberici also looks to expand ARGO platform functionalities by retrieving meaningful connectivity data on their application via deeper API integration.

"With the help of the emnify API, the provisioning process is reduced to a few button clicks, which makes the whole experience very user friendly. Plus, having an automated and standardized procedure helps us remove errors from manual data entry."

Andrea Pagano, System Engineer, Alberici

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