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Smart Buildings

Enhancing building management with metr

Discover how metr partnered with emnify to enhance building management, driving sustainability and efficiency in the heart of Germany.


metr is digitalizing dewego and GBG Mannheim buildings

Live in 2000+ Buildings

15 Million+ Measurements

Berlin-based PropTech startup metr aims to make the management of living space more efficient and sustainable.

Using big data and AI, metr enables data-driven facility management and makes apartment buildings fit for the future.

metr’s solution consists of an intelligent building management platform and the m-gate, a multifunctional IoT gateway. In addition to smart submetering, metr’s solution offers remote monitoring of heating and drinking water systems.

The collected and processed data is sent to the platform, which integrates metr’s solutions as well as third party applications like elevator monitoring into a central system. From there, the data is checked for plausibility and visualized in the customers desired interface.

How metr solved indoor connectivity issues


The challenge

Modernizing apartment buildings with IoT for efficient, sustainable management and EU regulatory compliance.

The solution

Retrofit IoT-Gateway using emnify technology to send utility readings to a multi-use case platform system.

Services used

Utilizing IoT SIMs for optimal connectivity, automated REST API for SIM activation, and a portal for comprehensive SIM management.

About the PropTech Market in Germany

Revolutionizing real estate

  • PropTech companies are transforming real estate with IoT solutions for building management.
  • Focus areas include central systems like heating and water, and real-time submetering services.


Navigating new regulations

  • The EU Energy Efficiency Directive requires installation and remote reading of heat cost allocators.
  • Market challenges: previously, submetering wasn't consumer-friendly, leading to excessive costs for tenants.

German building landscape

  • 60% of German buildings are over 30 years old, with outdated systems causing inefficiency.
  • Lack of visibility in utility consumption due to siloed metering solutions.

metr's innovative solution

  • metr designed the m-gate, a multifunctional gateway, in response to these challenges.
  • metr's platform integrates submetering with third-party solutions into a central system.
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Overcoming communication and connectivity challenges

metr’s m-gate is capable of cross-vendor communication with the sensors and systems on site.

Common protocols are M-Bus and Wireless M-Bus, a unidirectional communication from sensors to gateway, where the meters constantly send data.

metr experiences a maximum reach of 4-5 building storeys with the Wireless M-Bus technology, which requires the installation of repeaters for larger infrastructure. As the m-gate is installed in the basement, metr changed from indoor to outdoor antennas to mitigate signal loss due to the concrete walls.

Why cellular? Embracing advanced connectivity

To connect the m-gate to the platform, metr conducted tests using LTE and LPWAN technologies like NB-IoT and LoRaWAN.

NB-IoT proved to have limited coverage and LoRa’s duty cycles did not allow for sufficient data volume to be sent by the gateway.

That is why metr decided to partner with emnify and take full advantage of secure, reliable connectivity.

The multi-network capability ensures that the m-gate is always connected to the platform even if one network in the geographical area is not available.

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With emnify’s network of networks solution, metr deploys their m-gate anywhere in the DACH region.

emnify’s REST API allows metr to integrate SIM management, activation, and suspension directly into their platform. During the installation process, the technician scans a code on the gateway which sends an API Call to activate the SIM.

The emnify Portal gives detailed insights and statistic reports on the data consumption of each device, enabling metr to track and manage connectivity costs efficiently.

Achieving breakthrough connectivity and efficiency

emnify’s solution significantly reduced metr’s network limitations, allowing them to spend more time on optimizing their solutions and less time worrying about connectivity.

After developing more processing power in the m-gate to send less and more compact data to the platform, metr decided to reduce their monthly data volume by 50%.

Unlike other providers with rigid business models, emnify was able to offer metr flexible pricing adjustments to suit their exact needs. metr now partners with well-known housing industry players like dewego in Berlin and GBG Mannheim to future-proof German building infrastructure with their IoT solution.

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