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    Customer Story

    Ryde keeps tens of thousands of e-scooters rolling with EMnify

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    About Ryde

    Headquarters: Oslo, Norway

    Industry: Micromobility


    Helping to solve the transportation issues existing in congested cities


    E-scooter sharing service on the forefront of ride comfort and safety


    connected devices


    reduction in downtime duration


    As cities grapple with air pollution and gridlocked streets, commuters are gravitating towards more efficient and environmental-friendly means of transport.

    The global take-off of shared micromobility only speaks to this demand, as urban citizens find themselves benefitting from a more sustainable and convenient way to travel the “last mile” and bridge public transportation gaps.

    Enter Ryde Technology – one of Norway’s leading e-scooter-sharing providers, who taps into this new, vibrant mobility option. First started as a business of five people, the Oslo-based company is now present in six biggest Norwegian cities, keeping commuters moving with over 20,000 devices.

    To enable its users to find a nearby vehicle and initiate a ride fast and seamlessly on the fly, Ryde turns to EMnify.

    Why EMnify


    Multi-network IoT SIM: Reliable service delivery and simplified deployment in new markets
    Factory test mode: Postproduction quality assurance at no connectivity costs


    EMnify Portal: Real-time network control and visibility
    Premium support: Improved supply chain processes

    “EMnify’s global coverage and high network quality help us easily scale to new markets and better channel our focus and resources into growing our business.”

    Ryde spokesperon
    Marcus Olovsson

    CIO, Ryde Technology

    Ensuring ride comfort and service continuity

    Coming from Norway, Ryde knows best the importance of a robust vehicle design that can handle various road conditions to maximize ride comfort.

    Putting smooth and safe travel at the focal point, Ryde scooters come with sturdy wheels, a well-built frame, and an advanced double brake system to ensure users always enjoy a pleasant trip.

    Each scooter is equipped with an IoT unit that works like its “brain”. Using the EMnify SIM card, the IoT unit receives real-time user commands from the mobile app to lock and unlock scooters, as well as communicates vital data like GPS signals.

    “Fast and stable connectivity is the first and foremost requirement” for Ryde to ensure fleet readiness that serves users’ needs, according to Marcus Olovsson, CIO at Ryde Technology.

    With their previous provider, the team used to have at times short outages where their devices were completely shut off from the network.

    Ryde scooter
    “Since we switched to EMnify, we noticed a clear improvement in the connection availability of our devices. More importantly, there have been no customer complaints regarding service disruption. We are very happy with the network quality that EMnify offers.”

    Marcus Olovsson, CIO

    “We’re also extremely thankful for how EMnify has gone the extra mile in terms of customer support. Their service is fantastic. Like with the last order, if EMnify hadn’t shipped the SIM cards that fast, we wouldn’t have been able to make it in time on our production side.”

    Alexander Aagreen, CTO

    Improved production and supply chain processes

    With safety and user experience being top of mind, Ryde puts a strong emphasis on quality assurance and rigorous testing of their scooters right from production.

    “There are just a lot of components that need to work together, and we want to make sure everything functions exactly as expected when the scooters are deployed on the streets,” explained Olovsson.

    Connectivity is no exception. During manufacturing, SIM cards are pre-installed in the IoT units for quality checks to ensure the scooters are ready to roll the moment they arrive in Norway.

    As the production and assembly take place overseas, the shipping process often lasts up to several months. EMnify’s factory test mode allows the team to conduct sufficient tests on most of their devices without having to activate the SIM cards too early. This in turn translates into big savings on connectivity costs.

    Better security and cost control with a data limit

    With scooters widely distributed on public streets, vandalism is nothing unfamiliar to Ryde. Besides scooter thefts and damages, there is also a chance that the SIM cards are misused at the company’s expense.

    “We indeed had a case where the SIM card landed in the Netherlands, and the data consumption skyrocketed to 30 GB. Now we set a 30 MB data cap on the SIM as a security measure because no devices should surpass this threshold,” added Olovsson.

    Gearing up for scale

    Since its launch, Ryde has built its success throughout Norway, but the company’s momentum doesn’t stop there.

    “We have grand plans for the next three years to rapidly expand our business in not only Norway but also other countries in Scandinavia and Europe,” explained Olovsson.

    To cater to explosive growth, the team looks to fine-tune and improve their processes further through deeper technology integration in the next year.

    “At certain cities, we sometimes have to pause our services during the wintertime due to the weather conditions. We plan to use the EMnify API to better synchronize SIM lifecycle with our service lifecycle to optimize our operations.”

    Marcus Olovsson, CIO, Ryde Technology