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Cutting urban emissions with Air’s fleet management telematics

Discover how Air - Connected Mobility leveraged the emnify IoT SuperNetwork to connect 25,000+ devices, streamlining urban fleet management and reducing emissions.


About the company

Founded in Vigevano, Italy, Air - Connected Mobility specializes in advanced telematics and fleet management solutions. With a focus on urban mobility, Air develops digital platforms that deliver real-time, actionable data for citizens, companies, and government entities. Their mission is to enhance road safety, improve efficiency, and promote environmental consciousness in urban transportation.

Tackling data-driven urban mobility hurdles

Air - Connected Mobility wanted to enhance urban mobility amidst rising legislative pressures on road safety and carbon emissions. The company faced the task of efficiently managing real-time vehicle data to improve traffic flow, control pollution, and monitor road conditions.

Seeking a connectivity partner, Air aimed to address these challenges by harnessing actionable insights from telematics devices across various urban environments.

In pursuit of its mission to improve mobility for all by unlocking the value of data, Air turned to emnify to connect over 25,000 distributed telematics devices. 



Air - Connected Mobility planned to optimize urban mobility amid strict safety and emissions regulations.


A digital platform that offers real-time, actionable mobility data for citizens, companies, and governmental entities.
Services used

Services used

IoT SIMs for reliable data transmission, the emnify portal for easy connectivity management, the SMS console for direct troubleshooting, and IMEI lock for secure device usage.

The emnify IoT SuperNetwork elevates Air's urban mobility services

Air - Connected Mobility’s shift towards comprehensive urban mobility management was supported by the emnify IoT SuperNetwork. The emnify global IoT SIMs made it possible for Air to implement a reliable, scalable system for real-time vehicle tracking and data analysis across urban areas. This meant that Air could efficiently monitor traffic, pollution, and road conditions, directly contributing to the reduction of urban environmental impacts.

The IMEI lock feature ensured that each device operated within its intended scope, safeguarding against unauthorized use and unexpected data charges. Furthermore, emnify’s global network coverage facilitated Air's expansion by providing a consistent and reliable service footprint for new and existing telematics applications.

Additionally, the SMS Console significantly reduced device downtime through swift OTA troubleshooting, ensuring operational continuity and minimizing downtime.



active devices


online operators in Italy

Air MyGov



If a device somehow doesn’t communicate properly, we can easily send an SMS via the emnify Portal to instantly get its setting data and figure out whether there was a misconfiguration during the manufacturing process. We can also then use SMS to update the configuration or perform a device reboot remotely. It is especially helpful when time is a pressing matter.

Marco Robbiano
Air, Data Manager and Project Lead



SuperNetwork capabilities used

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