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BrickHouse Security builds better fleet management with emnify

Leading vendor of GPS tracking and dash cameras turns to emnify to ensure reliable, cost-effective connectivity for its IoT fleet management systems


About the company

BrickHouse Security sells GPS devices and vehicle cameras to law enforcement agencies, businesses, and individuals for fleet management and asset tracking.

Ensuring five-star reliability

As an Inc. 5000 company, BrickHouse Security knows that the key to its success is its expertise and customer service.

“Our job for our customers is to make using cellular powered, cloud connected IoT systems as simple and easy as possible,” says Todd Morris, CEO of BrickHouse Security.

Being able to proactively monitor network activities and recognize issues before a customer calls is a major part of ensuring its industry-best reputation. 

Connectivity: A key to customer experience

Two years ago, BrickHouse needed to find a new partner to provide the connectivity for its fleet management systems.

Its cellular networking problems had become so bad that the company was receiving negative customer feedback related to those issues.

“Because of our connectivity challenges with our existing partner, our customers were having bad experiences with our products and that was a threat to our business success, which is built on our customer service and reliability,” Morris says.
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Find a reliable IoT connectivity provider with high performance APIs and real-time network visibility and control.


Installed the emnify SIM cards into a wide variety of telematics devices (more than 120,000 devices since partnering with emnify).
Services used

Services used

Integrates management applications with emnify’s automated REST APIs and real-time data feeds to set controls for data usage, geographic range, and other parameters.
BrickHouse GPS Trackers

Why emnify?

After months of extensive testing with dozens of vendors, emnify proved to best meet BrickHouse Security’s key requirements, including real-time network visibility, responsive APIs, and a flexible data plan.

Most importantly, Morris and his team believed emnify would be a dependable long-term partner.

“When you are deploying a large volume of SIMs embedded in your IoT solutions, you want to make sure you are in a relationship with a connectivity provider that is going to back you up. And that was a big reason we selected emnify,” Morris says.

Real-time visibility and control
With emnify, BrickHouse can monitor data consumption rates and other usage metrics, along with setting alerts and triggers if usage rules are violated (data limits, geofencing, etc.).

Every fleet management and IoT device BrickHouse Security sells now has an emnify SIM installed, accounting for more than 120,000 fleet, asset and personal GPS trackers.

“Our favorite benefit from emnify is how well we are sleeping at night,” Morris says. “With emnify, we don’t have to worry about our network connectivity anymore.”



GPS trackers and dash cameras equipped with emnify SIM cards


Level 1 customer service issues 



IoT Fleet Management



When you commit to being responsible for hundreds of thousands of SIM cards, you want to make sure you are in a relationship with a connectivity provider that is going to back you up. And that was a big reason we selected emnify.”

Todd Morris
CEO, BrickHouse Security



SuperNetwork capabilities used

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