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truckFleet management

How 4Track drives
20-30% cost savings with emnify

While 4Track has established itself as a leader in leveraging technology for fleet management, they recognized an opportunity to further optimize their operations. Partnering with emnify enabled 4Track not only to enhance the traceability and security of transportation assets but also to achieve significant cost savings. Read on to discover how. 

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About the company

4Track specializes in telematics, dash cameras, and IoT solutions across Mexico, the United States, and Canada. The company integrates advanced sensors and AI technology to improve fleet management and safety.

The challenge

Optimizing connectivity for comprehensive fleet management

4Track is known for integrating advanced telematics and IoT solutions to manage fleet operations.

"Ensuring operational efficiency and real-time data accuracy is crucial for us," says Andres Lopez, CEO of 4Track. "Our clients expect us to deliver high-quality, consistent service."

Despite 4Track's innovative approach, the need to enhance connectivity and data management was clear. The company faced difficulties with SIM lifecycle management and lacked sufficient control over data consumption, which occasionally led to decision-making delays and operational bottlenecks.

"The manual processes for SIM activation and a lack of timely updates were slowing us down," Lopez notes. "We needed a more streamlined, integrated approach to handle our growing demand for real-time data and extensive fleet management."

Additionally, 4Track sought a flexible, cost-effective connectivity solution that could adapt to the varying needs of their diverse clientele, from small local delivery services to large international logistics operations.

Recognizing these needs, 4Track was poised for a strategic enhancement of their systems. This transformation was essential not only for maintaining their competitive edge but also for upholding the high standards they set in the fleet management industry.



Limited visibility and control over data consumption and SIM management made it difficult to make real-time decisions. Manual SIM activation processes and delayed updates added to these inefficiencies.


emnify IoT SIMs for connectivity, automated REST API for rapid SIM activation, Data Streamer for real-time analytics, and flexible data plans for cost-effective operations.
Services used

Services used

Utilizing IoT SIMs for optimal connectivity, automated REST API for SIM activation, and a portal for comprehensive SIM management.
emnify IoT cloud communication

The solution

The transformation at 4Track began with a critical evaluation of their connectivity needs and the selection of the right technology partner. After a  six-month trial comparing several providers, 4Track chose emnify for its superior signal quality and technological compatibility across the USA and Mexico.

Streamlining data management

"Our trial with emnify demonstrated their strength in real-time data handling and operational control, essential for our fleet management," explains Andres Lopez, CEO of 4Track. This enabled more efficient SIM management and improved data visibility, addressing previous challenges of manual activations and data consumption oversight.

Automating for efficiency

"Integrating emnify’s technology allowed us to automate SIM activations and streamline connectivity management, reducing manual errors and operational delays," says Lopez. The automation provided 4Track with the tools to monitor data usage in real time, enhancing operational efficiency.

Scalable and flexible solutions

emnify’s scalable IoT SuperNetwork adapted to diverse fleet sizes and requirements. "Their multi-carrier platform enabled us to seamlessly expand our services and meet various data demands," Lopez notes. This flexibility has been key in supporting a broad spectrum of fleet operations.



reduction in operational costs through efficient data management 


faster device deployment with automated SIM activation


improvement in customer response times due to enhanced real-time analytics




emnify’s comprehensive solution and versatility have deeply impressed us, providing us with the tools we need to stand out in our market. Their cutting-edge technology and focus on innovation have inspired us to forge a strategic alliance.

Andres Lopez
CEO, 4Track



SuperNetwork capabilities used

Flexible data plans

These plans allow 4Track to align data usage with customer needs, optimizing operational expenditures.

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