From crop sensors, weather stations, and livestock trackers to agricultural machinery and UAVs, emnify lets you collect IoT data across vast, rural farmland with global cellular connectivity and powerful management tools.

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How you can simply connect smart farming applications?

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A small sim-card and a smart platform provides everything you need.

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Making farming more efficient and sustainable

Are you building IoT products that help farmers and agri-businesses produce more with less, leveraging the power of data? Is your goal to increase yields and optimize resource usage by delivering a robust, flexible, and easy to consume AgTech solution? If so, emnify can help. Reliably connect devices at any farmland, deploy and operate your solution at scale, and expand into new markets with confidence using our global IoT connectivity platform.

Connecting all types of smart farming sensors and applications

» Crop and weather monitoring
» Smart irrigation
» Livestock management
» Smart tractors
» UAV-based field monitoring
» Urban farming and greenhouse automation

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