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Narrowband IoT Coverage

emnify’s SuperNetwork empowers robust IoT connectivity, be it underground, indoors, across the countryside, or in remote locations, thanks to our extensive NB-IoT coverage.

Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) at a glance

Low cost, low power and excellent range


Excellent Range and Penetration

With a maximum theoretical link budget of 164 dB, NB-IoT offers the best range and penetration capabilities, making it ideal for applications in remote areas or inside buildings where signal strength can be a challenge.


Low Power Consumption

Power Saving Mode (PSM) and Extended Discontinuous Reception (eDRX) features drastically reduce energy usage and enable longer battery life for your IoT devices. These are critical features for devices intended to operate for long periods without the need for frequent battery replacements or recharging.


Low Cost

The reduced complexity of radio signal processing simplifies chipset design, leading to module costs that can be as low as 20% of traditional LTE module prices.

NB-IoT Coverage Worldwide

All you need to know about NB-IoT

Global Roaming

NB-IoT roaming is currently limited, with only a few providers offering multi-network NB-IoT access for global IoT deployments. As the industry shifts from a purely volume-based intercarrier billing model to one incorporating base pricing per device, we anticipate a broader global reach.

PSM and eDRX Availability

PSM and eDRX are essential for maximizing power efficiency in cellular LPWAN. It’s vital to ensure they are compatible with your NB-IoT network services, particularly in use-cases where low power consumption is paramount.

Technology Adoption

Although the NB-IoT standardization process was finalized in 2016, the technology roll-out has been slow. To date, NB-IoT has been deployed in fewer than one-third of all countries.

NB-IoT Hardware Recommendations

Given the current state of global NB-IoT deployment, we recommend utilizing cellular LPWAN modules that not only support NB-IoT but also offer fallback to common RAT types. Contact one of our experts to help you with your module selection.


60 Days, All Features, One Platform

Try our platform free of charge. The test kit includes a SIM card, a prepaid data plan, and a 60-day trial of the SuperNetwork platform.


emnify’s SuperNetwork NB-IoT Coverage

 In partnership with global network providers, we constantly conduct coverage and feature (PSM & eDRX) availability tests, ensuring reliable and transparent NB-IoT access for our customers.

Footnote:* Service Level / Coverage Status Definition: Validated: NB-IoT coverage is frequently tested and confirmed for this network. Guaranteed: NB-IoT service is guaranteed with dedicated roaming agreements. ** All coverage data is provided for informational purposes only and are subjected to change. Actual service coverage, quality, and availability may vary based on factors such as network partners’ technology roll-out, SIM version weather, interference, topography, and device model.

Full lists of all networks and countries

Country  Network NB-IoT Coverage Frequency bands PSM availability eDRX availability
Singapore Singtel validated 8 validated validated
Sri Lanka Mobitel guaranteed 8 guaranteed guaranteed
Taiwan FarEasTone guaranteed 28 guaranteed guaranteed
Chunghwa guaranteed 3, 8 guaranteed guaranteed
Vietnam Viettel guaranteed 3 guaranteed guaranteed


Country  Network NB-IoT Coverage Frequency bands PSM availability eDRX availability
Austria T-Mobile guaranteed 8 guaranteed guaranteed
A1 guaranteed 20 guaranteed guaranteed
Belgium Orange guaranteed 3, 20 guaranteed  
Base guaranteed 20 guaranteed guaranteed
Proximus guaranteed 20 guaranteed guaranteed
Croatia A1 guaranteed 20 guaranteed guaranteed
Estonia Elisa validated 20    
Finland DNA validated 3, 8, 20 validated validated
Germany Vodafone guaranteed 20    
Greece Vodafone validated 20    
Wind validated 20    
Iceland SIMINN guaranteed 28, 3 guaranteed guaranteed
TIM guaranteed 20    
Italy Vodafone guaranteed 20 guaranteed  
Latvia LMT guaranteed 20    
Netherlands Vodafone (Ziggo) guaranteed 20 guaranteed  
Slovenia A1 guaranteed 3, 20 guaranteed guaranteed
Spain Vodafone guaranteed 8    
Switzerland Swisscom guaranteed 20 guaranteed guaranteed
Sunrise guaranteed      


Country  Network NB-IoT Coverage Frequency bands PSM availability eDRX availability
Canada Rogers Wireless validated 4, 5, 12    
Mexico Radiomovil Dipsa (Telcel) validated 5 validated validated
United States T-Mobile guaranteed 4    

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