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How you can simply connect smart metering sensors?

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The industry

The shift from analog to digital remote reading meters is changing the submetering industry – with new technologies required to meet regulatory demands.

A gateway collecting in-building data from heat cost allocators, gas and water meters needs to reliably communicate over a cellular network to the centrally located submetering application.

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Smart Metering


The European Energy Directive (EED) aims to increase European energy efficiency by 32.5% by 2032. As roughly 40% of the energy is used for warm water and heating within buildings, smart submetering offers an efficient solution, ensuring that individuals in apartment buildings can be billed based on their consumption without on-premises visits. Frequent insights on consumption data encourage energy conservation among consumers. Three target dates have been determined in the EED.

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The emnify communication platform simplifies the connection and management of your submetering gateways and allows you to easily integrate connectivity into your business processes.

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Growing submetering businesses trust emnify

The Berlin PropTech Company metr, an IoT solution provider for the German housing industry, decided to partner with EMnify to connect their m-gate gateway to their building management platform. Apart from a retrofit solution for remote monitoring of outdated drinking water and heating systems, metr offers a submetering solution. emnify’s multi-network capabilities within a country, flexible pricing plans and powerful Rest API were a perfect fit for metr.

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“We value our Partnership with emnify, since we speak a common language and can always rely on their support. On multiple occasions, emnify helped us with integrating our interfaces and processes.”
Yannick Bollhorst

Director of Partnerships, metr

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