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Ensure no critical transaction data goes missing with the best cellular coverage. Monitor, secure and operate charge point connectivity at reduced complexity and time-to-value.

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How you can simply connect smart EV Charging applications?

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A small sim-card and a smart plattform provides everything you need.

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Cellular Iot for smart EV Charging solutions

Accelerate electrification with connected EV chargers

With the growth of charge point communication protocols like OCPP, the EV charging infrastructure has quickly evolved from traditional, non-connected hardware to intelligent devices with communication capabilities. Today’s smart charge points provide real-time, actionable insights that empower automatic billing, remote configuration, efficient servicing, dynamic load management, and digital services for EV drivers.


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Cellular connectivity has been the most common wireless option for smart EV chargers. But traditional telco services come with multiple operational challenges:

» Missing indoor and underground coverage that results in lengthy installation processes

» Limited insights and control over the connectivity of charge points

» Complex setup of private networks for secure communication and remote access to chargers

» Rigid, expensive rate plans that start at high volumes

Why emnify

By using multiple networks and providing LTE-M access, emnify gives your EV chargers the best cellular coverage - indoors, underground, on urban streets or at motorway service areas.

Our communication platform easily integrates with your management backend to help you secure, monitor and operate your fleet of connected chargers.

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