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    Reliable Cellular Connectivity Unleashed for Predictive Maintenance

    EMnify empowers machine manufacturers and system integrators with secure, global cellular connectivity for predictive maintenance. 

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    Why EMnify?

    Our cellular IoT platform provides reliable coverage, global connectivity, and dedicated premium customer support.

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      99.9% Network Reliability

      Access the best available network for mission-critical applications with secure connectivity to redundant cellular networks, minimizing costly downtime.

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      Simple Global Connectivity

      Get global coverage in over 195 countries and conduct predictive maintenance on thousands of machines in our centralized platform.

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      End-to-End Secure Communication

      Built to protect your devices from cyberattacks with OpenVPN and IP Sec technologies that transmit data to your applications with end-to-end encryption white labeling our solution for your cloud applications. 

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      24/7 Dedicated Connectivity Support 

      Gain dedicated premium support services with dedicated customer support personnel and same-day resolution SLAs for enterprise customer critical incidents.

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    Simple, Secure, and Reliable Cellular Connectivity for Smart Machines

    EMnify’s industrial-grade SIM cards are tailored to empower your technicians with secure remote access to smart factory equipment.  

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    Simplify Deployments

    Our reliable IoT connectivity simplifies the deployment of smart machines into industrial networks by providing direct cellular connection to every machine you deploy globally, avoiding the need to purchase expensive networking hardware. We offer plastic and embedded SIM cards that can dynamically connect to the best available carrier network. 

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    Cloud-Enabled Integrations

    EMnify can send your data to your favorite cloud service such as AWS or Azure with multi-layered redundancy for enhanced network reliability. We also provide IoT developers with an EMnify API so that your developers can configure and control your smart machines from within your native applications.

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    Secure Remote Access

    Our security capabilities are built to protect your devices from cyberattacks with OpenVPN and IP Sec technologies that transmit data to your applications with end-to-end encryption white labeling our solution for your applications. Meanwhile, IMEI lock empowers your staff to prevent unknown devices from consuming data on your cellular network.

    Centralized Network Management in User-Friendly EMnify Portal

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    Secure Direct Cellular Connection to Remote Devices



    High-Performance Connectivity Integrators & Manufacturers Can Trust

    • Add cellular IoT communication to your smart manufacturing to overcome downtime and the recurrent need for skilled technicians to fix machines, drastically reducing costs. 

    • Complete control at your fingertips. With simple, reliable cellular IoT connectivity, you have complete  visibility and can monitor and operate your IIoT devices while providing a delightful user experience.

    • Bundle cellular IoT communication and centralized management to troubleshoot any connectivity issues and keep devices secure from external cybersecurity threats.

    • Factory air-gapping won't be an issue anymore. EMnify’s cellular technology connects directly to remote machines, providing a private secure access over a secure virtual private network (VPN) connection. 

    EMnify Benefits

    • Highly reliable coverage: We know unplanned downtime is extremely expensive. Our fully redundant cloud architecture guarantees a 99.5% service uptime.  
    • Globally distributed: Deploy and scale your smart factory solution worldwide in over 195 countries. Our local breakout capabilities ensure that your customer's data stays local with reduced latency. 
    • Cost and network transparency: Monitor every aspect of connectivity in one place. The EMnify Portal offers detailed insights on network activity, data usage, and costs. 
    • Network access control: Steer the connectivity to where you need it. Use the blocklisting feature to block troublesome networks at certain locations. 
    • Programmable SIM management: Automate SIM activation during device installation and connectivity management from your internal tooling using EMnify's REST API.  
    • End-to-end secure communication: Establish a virtual private network (VPN) between your devices and application to secure two-way IoT communication using Cloud Connect.
    • SIM theft protection: Leverage our IMEI lock feature to prevent deployed SIM cards from connecting to unknown devices. 

    “EMnify's communications platform is right on time for the industry 4.0, offering highly reliable connectivity in factories.”



    Julian Kleeff

    Solution Consultant, oee.ai