Mission and Vision

Message from our CEO

Frank Stöcker

We believe that the impact of the Internet of Things will revolutionize commerce worldwide and improve our lives with intelligent devices. This change will mainly be driven by integrators, service providers, and enterprises. Our goal is to enable them to develop and deploy Machine 2 Machine and Internet of Things applications faster and easier than ever before. With EMnify Cloud we give them a scalable, next-generation IoT platform that reduces time-to-market and enables them to roll out feature-rich applications globally. In the future, we will continue working closely with vertical integrators and device and chip-manufacturers to offer the platform in an open ecosystem capable of generating best-of-breed solutions, which are network provider-independent, globally available, highly secure, and rock solid.

Thank you for your continued support and sharing our vision!

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Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize how mobile data connectivity for the “Internet of Things” is sourced, deployed and managed.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect the world’s IoT devices. We address the need of the “Internet of Things” ecosystem for simplicity and flexibility in the provisioning of global and regional network access.