Operate your IoT solution more efficiently

With the EMnify IoT communication platform, you have all connectivity insights at your fingertips to proactively monitor and accelerate response when issues arise.

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Get a complete view of devices, SIMs, traffic, and costs

The EMnify web portal delivers a full-system view and a rich set of live dashboards to help you stay on top of all network activity. If you need to troubleshoot a device or create business reports based on traffic and device location, the management portal provides comprehensive, actionable data.

  • Real-time data consumption and cost statistic
  • SIM inventory management
  • Detailed signaling and network events
  • Network and cell-level location
  • Connectivity status
  • VPN connection status and events
  • Configuration and management of integrations into the EMnify platform
  • Service volume limits to prevent surprises during billing

Take a look at the EMnify web portal

Check out the Portal Dashboard for a real-time overview, including this month's data usage, SMS services and current device status.

Integrate the DataStreamer into your favorite cloud service to get connectivity data side by side with the rest of your operational data.

Create an OpenVPN connection to get remote access to the device or setup a private network between your device and application using AWS Transit Gateway or IPsec. 

The device dashboard gives an overview of the applied policies for the device and the service usage. You can blacklist operators that are not working with the device and enable IMEI locks so the SIM card cannot be misused. 

Configure policies for groups of devices. Set your data breakout region, specific data limits or which services your devices should be able to use. 

View detailed information and errors about your device - when it is properly attached to the network or if it created a PDP data session. 

Analyze daily data and SMS consumption per device and their associated costs, 

OpenVPN - Secure remote access to your devices

Your support team’s last line of defense when troubled devices are out of physical reach is to log into the device itself. Executing commands, getting device application logs, or performing a reset can help you get your device operational without needing to go onsite. EMnify provides private static IPs and OpenVPN at no extra costs, so your support team can establish a secure private connection to our platform and get access to every device.

Connectivity Information

Mobile networks are not perfect - make sure you can control them

With thousands of devices distributed globally, location specific issues may not be solved by automatic network switching. In case this happens, we enable you to reset connectivity and block specific radio technologies or operators on a device level.

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We proactively manage networks for you - you will notice the difference

Our operations team monitors worldwide traffic on our communication platform 24/7. If a network issue arises, our team identifies and escalates it with the partner network. In case your service is impacted, we will notify you directly or show service degradation on our status page

EMnify Data Streamer

Incorporate connectivity data into your existing operational workflows

The EMnify Data Streamer delivers real-time connectivity data about service usage, costs and network events to your cloud service or third-party application. Our integration guides show how you can setup proactive anomaly detection alerts and build 360° dashboards with device, application and connectivity data.

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