IoT for Media

Skip the SIM swap, and get to the action. Make each broadcast a success through automation, centralized management and an ecosystem that is redundant to the core.


How you can simply connect media applications?

A small SIM card and a smart platform provides everything you need.

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Redundancy without Complexity

emnify leverages the on-site hardware of global MNOs, and focuses on getting direct roaming agreements to ensure connectivity and reliability. We also take this a step further by adding regional breakouts to our platform, which not only reduces latency, but ensures that if one breakout experiences issues, another can take over.

Ensure connectivity on location

Optimal cellular coverage: Get access to 540 networks in 180 countries. Connect your encoders to the best available network via 2G, 3G, or 4G.

Full network visibility:
Monitor connectivity, data usage, and cost 24/7 using the emnify Portal or Data Streamer.

Granular connectivity control:
Proactively reset or block a network when the crew experiences issues at a certain location.

Secure SIM & Data Communication

End-to-end data security:
Prevent unauthorized communication and access with emnify‘s Cloud Connect.

SIM theft protection:
Ensure camera SIM cards cannot be misused on another device with the IMEI lock function

DNS filtering:
Flexibly configure the trusted DNS server for your live stream without needing to hard code the device firmware.

Streamline operations

Remote access:
With emnify’s free OpenVPN service, technicians can run remote diagnostics from everywhere using a single VPN connection.

Programmable SIM control:
Automate SIM contract activation and deactivation to optimize costs while encoders are in storage using the REST API.

Flexible data and cost management:
Start, terminate, and adjust your rate plans at any time. You only pay for what you use.

  • CargoGuard
  • Digital Parking
  • Telecom
  • Solarly
  • Lohr
  • Blackbird
  • Primagaz
  • Plenitude + Be Charge
  • ChargeX

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Live is vogue, and maintaining the ability to capture live content globally means remaining relevant in an increasingly competitive industry.

We understand that:

  • Automation is key to a long-standing and successful business relationship
  • Delivering relevant connectivity metadata helps to optimize the connectivity used for live events

  • Transparency of network status leads to a successful broadcast

  • Flexible payment options are key to ensuring budget goes to content, not storage
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Why emnify

emnify offers a single SIM solution that is redundant to the core. Our cloud based infrastructure allows us to deploy regional breakouts around the globe, ensuring lower latency and improved network availability. 

Our IoT first approach allows our customers to collect relevant connectivity metadata and easily integrate it with their own ecosystem. emnify has further added a number of tools to help customers automate their workflows, in order to keep operational costs to a minimum.

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