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Connect your medical devices to any cellular network in clinics, hospitals, in patient’s homes, or while they are on the move. Secure, monitor, and manage device connectivity with a powerful platform dedicated to IoT.

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How you can simply connect smart healthcare applications?

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A small SIM card and a smart platform provides everything you need.

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Digitizing the industry

Amid an aging population, the pressure on healthcare systems is growing. Digitization through data from connected devices and cloud services helps to increase efficiency and reduce costs in healthcare.

As patient and device data must be available in real-time and safe from unauthorized access, cellular communication offers a highly reliable and secure option compared to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

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Why emnify

The emnify communication platform allows you to set up a secure private network between your device and cloud application, immune to cyberattacks and unauthorized access.

Our global multi-network IoT SIM lets medical devices reliably transport data - indoors or outdoors, stationary or mobile. With a portal that delivers complete insights into connectivity health, you can prevent data loss issues and better control your device connectivity.

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