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Bring your devices online, no matter where they are - with our Global IoT SIM Card.


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Discover our IoT Cloud Integrations with high-performing Cloud Services like AWS.


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Get a 360° view of your whole IoT Solution, thanks to our IoT Dashboard and Data Streamer.


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Protect two-way data path and prevent cyber-attacks on your devices with our IoT Network Security.


IoT SIM Cards

emnify’s carrier-agnostic IoT eSIM cards enable your devices to connect to more than 540 cellular networks in over 180 countries

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Frequently Asked Questions

IoT – or M2M – eSIM cards provide access to cellular networks to connect devices – with a management platform to monitor and operate device connections at scale. If you want two or more ‘Things’ (connected devices) to communicate with each other, then you need a data connection. In most cases, a standard cellular mobile eSIM (or consumer eSIM) won’t cut it.

The price can start from less than EUR 2 for a commercial-grade emnify IoT eSIM and less than EUR 3 for an industrial-grade emnify IoT eSIM depending on your order volume. A discount automatically applies as more eSIM cards are purchased within an order.

Cellular networks automatically come with some advanced security features that make them well-suited for IoT. While any device can join a Wifi network, you can only connect to a cellular network with a compatible SIM card. Yet, with traditional cellular networks, the most significant security gap occurs when your devices communicate with the cloud. emnify closes this gap with Cloud Connect, keeping your connections private and secure.

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