IoT Connectivity As Unique
As Your Business

Overcome your biggest IoT connectivity challenges with a transformative, cloud-native approach.

What is the IoT SuperNetwork?

IoT connectivity for cloud-based businesses

Our cloud-native network gives you seamless integration, a global presence, and transparency into the multiple layers of the communication stack.

A purpose-built global IoT network

Embracing cloud-native advantages, the SuperNetwork has real-time scalability and unparalleled availability so your business can thrive.

Future-proof your IoT business

The SuperNetwork is a modern, cloud-based solution that synergizes with your existing tools, portals, interfaces, and APIs.

A converged cellular and satellite solution

The SuperNetwork converges cellular and satellite connectivity for greater network reliability and global reach, reducing operational overhead.


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Solutions for your industry

Why customers rely on us

  • Faster time to market for connected offerings
  • Reduced risk and cost with IoT connectivity as a service
  • Future-proof solutions that last the entire product life cycle
  • Peace of mind provided by guaranteed security and uptime
  • Strategic insight and round the clock support
  • Guaranteed service levels and data security
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Is traditional IoT connectivity enough for your growth?

As your IoT business matures, the need for a scalable, purpose-built IoT connectivity solution is critical. Learn more about overcoming your biggest IoT connectivity challenges in our IoT SuperNetwork series written by the emnify co-founders.