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The complete IoT communication solution


Connect IoT devices instantly

Bring devices online, no matter where they are.

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Integrate securely into your IoT stack

EMnify integrates easily with cloud services and on-prem systems.

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Automate processes easily

Automate connectivity and SIM lifecycle operations with the EMnify REST API.

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Operate your solution effectively

Access a 360° view of your whole IoT solution with the EMnify web portal and DataStreamer.

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Secure IoT communication

Protect two-way data path and prevent cyber-attacks on devices.

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Fast, secure, borderless IoT cloud communication

Customer Story

EMnify helps CargoGuard protect valuable goods in transport.

SOC 2-01-1

EMnify is committed to your data security

Secure and confidential information handling is at the heart of our infrastructure, processes and products. We undergo rigorous, independent audits to ensure that you and your customers‘ data is well-protected against unauthorized access. 

  • SOC (Service Organisation Control) 2 Type II
  • GDPR compliance

"We needed a perfectly neutral SIM card to ensure reliable communications regardless of device location. EMnify SIM cards were the perfect answer to our needs, and they could be managed easily from EMnify's platform, with a one-stop overview of network activity and costs. We recommend EMnify for its operator-neutrality that connects devices to the best available network."


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Marc Dikötter

CTO, OptiWaste

"Thanks to EMnify, Urban.io can connect to cellular network providers from all around the world and maintain the best possible signal. EMnify met all our requirements thanks to their flexibility. The platform provides us with control over connectivity and a high level of data security (via EMnify Cloud Connect / Transit Gateway)."

Rob Cumming

Rob Cumming

CEO, Urban.io

"Primagaz uses EMnify's SIM card to transfer data from the metering items on the field to our servers so that we are able to bill customers based on consumption. EMnify's platform allows us to get all SIM cards together and manage them easily from one place. EMnify's multi-operator service allows Primagaz to increase its network performance by always connecting our devices to the best operator."

François Vanoverschelde

François Vanoverschelde

Technical Operations Manager, Primagaz

"We develop solar solutions for rural communities, so they have GSM modules for status updates and remote control. EMnify won us over with their excellent customer relationship: human and fast. It also helped their API had clear, concise documentation so we could integrate EMnify's data and intelligence into our own internal platform, which enhances our users' experience."

Michel Fripiat

Michel Fripiat

Technical Director, Solarly

"EMnify allows us to operate our sensors easily and quickly anywhere in the world, thanks to their SIMs that support global multi-operator network connectivity. This lets our sensors hop onto the best given network. EMnify also provides responsiveness, support and API that make their platform easily integrated into our internal tools."

Romain Scimia

Romain Scimia

Co-Founder, AtmoTrack

"We needed a service provider that could deliver in the Central African Republic. Many providers do not take this area into account but EMnify did. The availability of their service is impressive. And I can always count on their professionalism and fair pricing."


Frank Arno


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