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EMnify is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company, revolutionizing cellular Internet of Things (IoT). Our connectivity management service provides mobile network operators, enterprises, and developers globally with technology connecting ‘things’. The first to provide a mobile core infrastructure as a cloud service, EMnify enables secure, reliable and scalable connectivity, in ways previously impossible. Our service includes: 

SIM cards – Standard, industrial-grade and embedded SIMs in a variety of form factors

Reliable connectivity – Cellular device connectivity to a cloud-native, geographically
redundant core network

Global multi-network coverage – A network spanning more than 185 countries, with
multiple networks in each country

Autonomy and self-management – Cloud-based Connectivity Management Platform
allowing you to manage and monetize your services

Integration into cloud services – Native use of AWS services to run IoT applications,
with API-based integration


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