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IoT Roaming

For cellular IoT devices, roaming is often the default state. And with emnify's global IoT SIM cards, your devices can leverage IoT roaming anywhere in the world with a single connectivity provider.

{IoT Roaming
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One contract, global IoT roaming

emnify partners with hundreds of carriers around the world, and with a single pay-as-you-go contract, we give you access to them all. As you deploy in new countries, you never have to create new contracts to get the coverage you need

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60 days, all features, one platform

Get a free test-kit, including SIM card, pre-paid-plan and a 60-days trial period!

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Access wider LTE-M and NB-IoT coverage

The main drawback with newer technology like LTE-M and NB-IoT is a lack of roaming opportunities. But EMnify has the largest LTE-M coverage in the world and extensive NB-IoT coverage as well, helping you maximize the benefits of these solutions.


Select the best network every time—automatically

Network selection isn’t a process you want to manage for every SIM. Thankfully, emnify handles this for you, automatically selecting the network with the strongest signal or lowest costs wherever your SIMs deploy and wherever your devices roam.


Manage every SIM from one portal

With emnify, you can manage every connected device from the same place. No matter which country you deploy in, our intuitive IoT dashboard lets you analyze, troubleshoot, and optimize your connectivity by deployment, device, or country.


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