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The SuperNetwork

Built for Modern IoT

The emnify IoT SuperNetwork offers cellular IoT connectivity services for cloud-enabled IoT businesses. Reduce complexity and time to market through an industry-first, cloud-native experience. 

A purpose-built solution for the biggest IoT challenges

The SuperNetwork is a single, distributed service with access to hundreds of networks in over 180 countries, including satellite, for uninterrupted connectivity around the globe.


The emnify SuperNetwork Solution

Managing  multiple networks, operator contracts, and SIMs? 

Streamline with the SuperNetwork. One point of control for all networks, operators, and SIMs worldwide, simplifying your IoT management.

Concerned about security breaches and data theft?
Get built-in, comprehensive cybersecurity for your IoT devices and data. Protect your data transmissions and SIMs with advanced security measures.
Struggling with managing data across different networks?
Collect, aggregate and analyse data.  across multiple networks. Our single-pane-of-glass approach offers you clear monitoring and valuable insights. 
Need a hassle-free way to manage your SIMs?
Get automated SIM lifecycle management with global provisioning, activation, configuration, and deactivation. 
Facing fragmentation with providers and platforms?
Eliminate inconsistency. The SuperNetwork ensures uniformity in your features and connectivity management, making your IoT operations coordinated.
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The SuperNetwork is
the future of IoT connectivity 


Is your current IoT connectivity holding you back?

Learn how emnify's cloud-native approach is reshaping IoT connectivity, offering complete global coverage and redundancy against network outages.

Understand why a single-provider strategy can limit your IoT potential and how the SuperNetwork empowers you with greater control, security, and efficiency. 

Transform your IoT strategy for the better - download now for a smarter approach to connectivity.