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    SIM Cards for IoT Gateways and Industrial Routers

    By fitting your devices with EMnify’s specialized IoT SIM cards, your gateways and routers get managed connectivity, redundant coverage, additional layers of security, and reliable 24/7 support in multiple languages.

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    Global IoT SIM cards make all the difference

    Wherever you deploy, EMnify’s global IoT SIM cards ensure your gateways and routers have a secure, reliable connection. With a single SIM card, you can connect to more than 540 networks in over 195 countries.


    Managed IoT connectivity

    Manage, analyze, automate, update, and control connectivity for all your devices from a single platform. Filter devices by tag or deployment to isolate problems and troubleshoot individual routers or gateways. Activate or deactivate SIMs on demand.

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    Redundant coverage

    In IoT, redundancy is essential. When the Wi-Fi fails or ethernet is unavailable, EMnify’s SIM cards give you a backup connectivity solution. And with more than 540 networks, you’ll often have multiple available wherever you deploy.


    Secure connections

    Keep your devices secure from the day you deploy until the time they need to be replaced. Get multi-layered IoT security, including a VPN tunnel for encryption and remote access, control over data usage, IMEI-lock to prevent misuse, and more.

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    Reliable, knowledgeable support

    You’re not just choosing components; you’re choosing partners. With EMnify, you get 24/7 access to IoT experts. We resolve support tickets quickly and provide customer service in multiple languages.

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