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    Multi-layered IoT network security

    EMnify’s IoT connectivity platform provides complete end-to-end security for your IoT devices. Defend your customers from cyber attacks, prevent data breaches, and protect your devices from being misused. We give you the security you need, so you can focus on the service you provide.

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    What is IoT security?

    Cybersecurity is a concern in any tech industry. But in IoT, your devices send sensitive customer data, and interception can have serious real-world consequences. IoT network security is the specialized technology, techniques, and services that help prevent unauthorized use of IoT devices and ensure they’re only used for their intended purpose.

    Since IoT devices use networks to communicate, this opens the door for hackers to intercept transmissions, send fraudulent data packets, and hijack IoT devices. EMnify closes that door by creating virtual private networks, encrypting your communications, locking your SIM card to your device, letting you limit connectivity, and more.

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    Hacked IoT devices are often used to launch devastating attacks on other systems, from major Internet services like Google and Netflix to banks, healthcare facilities, and more. Most IoT devices are particularly vulnerable to hacking because of their weak authentication, low processing power, and poor security standards.

    Your device doesn’t have to become another IoT horror story. With our suite of IoT network security features, you and your customers can keep your data and devices safe.

    How we keep your IoT network secure

    EMnify is reinventing IoT connectivity to close gaps in your network security, protecting you, your customers, and your devices.

    Establish private networks

    EMnify Cloud Connect creates secure, encrypted connections between your IoT devices and your cloud resources, and protects your two-way data communication with a Virtual Private Network. Transmissions between your devices and applications never cross the public Internet. Each device gets assigned a private static IP address, so your application firewall can filter unwanted Internet traffic to prevent DDoS attacks.

    Cloud Connect uses Intra-Cloud Connect for AWS, and IPsec for your other cloud service providers and on-premises systems.

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    Intra-Cloud Connect (AWS)

    Automatically create a private, intra-cloud connection between EMnify and your AWS VPC using the Transit Gateway. Securely transport data from your devices to your AWS hosts without ever crossing the public Internet.



    Connect the EMnify platform with your virtual machines on Azure, Google Cloud, or any other cloud services and on-premises systems using our managed IPsec service. Let your devices and application securely communicate over encrypted and redundant VPN tunnels.

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    Send data to authorized domains

    Prevent cache poisoning by selecting the trusted DNS service that provides the availability you need. When using Cloud Connect, you can configure and utilize your cloud provider's private DNS service that isn’t accessible over the public Internet, so only devices within your VPC can query for your domain.

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    Prevent your SIMs from being misused

    Thieves can remove physical SIM cards from IoT devices and reuse them in other devices. Whether they’re committing identity theft, looking for free data usage, or attempting to access your application server, EMnify's IMEI lock lets you restrict your SIM card to the first device it attaches to. Attackers can’t tamper with your SIM card by inserting it into another device, and your IoT network remains secure.

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    Restrict communication with your IoT devices

    Configure and manage policies to control who can communicate with your devices and how. Block unused mobile services and technologies, set data and SMS consumption limits, and limit SMS communication to trusted applications and peer devices.

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    Detect anomalies and threats in real-time

    EMnify’s Data Streamer enables you to monitor current device data consumption and signaling patterns to quickly detect anomalies caused by attackers, human errors, or device misconfigurations. Coupled with device, infrastructure, and application data, these real-time connectivity insights give you complete visibility into security holes and zero-day exploits on your IoT solution.

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    FAQs about EMnify IoT Security

    Here are some frequently asked questions about EMnify’s IoT network security.

    How safe are cellular networks for IoT?

    Cellular networks automatically come with some advanced security features that make them well-suited for IoT. While any device can join a Wifi network, you can only connect to a cellular network with a compatible SIM card. Yet, with traditional cellular networks, the most significant security gap occurs when your devices communicate with the cloud. EMnify closes this gap with Cloud Connect, keeping your connections private and secure.

    What happens if someone hacks my device?

    EMnify gives you complete control over your connectivity. If someone hacks your device, you can disable its connection to the network, implement additional restrictions, and even take direct control of the device. By integrating EMnify with your other business applications and setting up alerts, you can detect anomalies and unauthorized network activity the moment it occurs—so you can react quickly.

    Can I access my devices remotely?

    Yes. EMnify lets your support staff establish secure private connections to your devices via VPN, so you can always troubleshoot devices and provision SIM cards Over-the-Air.

    Do I need a private APN to create secure connections?

    No. This is a common misconception in IoT, and private Access Point Names can make remote access far more difficult for your team, as it uses dynamic IP addresses. EMnify lets you create VPN connections without private APNs and assigns each device a static IP address, so you can easily access them when you need to.