New IoT rate plans for Europe and the USA


We have an exciting update to share with both our European and American customers.

European customers can now benefit from our newly extended Europe rate plan, which not only connects devices in the 27 European Union nations but across the entire European continent. As for our US customers, we are excited to offer a new dedicated US rate plan.

New rate plan for Europe

While the EU includes the majority of European countries – it does not include them all. It is clear to us – and probably to our European customers – that there are several non-EU27 nations that are indispensable in guaranteeing seamless connectivity throughout the continent. For this reason, we created a new emnify Europe rate plan.

In the past, transit countries such as Switzerland or the Balkans often required the use of a “global” rate plan – with additional costs. The new emnify Europe rate plan bridges this connectivity gap – without additional costs – and is particularly beneficial for moving use cases.

New rate plan USA

Europe is just one continent. We appreciate that many of our customers have global, North American or USA use cases and require rate plans that fit these regions. Which is why we set up a dedicated emnify USA rate plan for customers deploying in the US. This new rate plan is well-suited for all use cases, offering good coverage for both stationery and moving devices.

If you need further information on the coverage or pricing reach out to our Sales team.

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