How to get your custom-branded SIM with emnify


emnify can provide customized branding for customers looking to order SIM and eUICC with their own graphical artwork. This is ideal for corporate SIM cards, where additional information can be included on the back of the SIM, while the front can display company branding such as a logo.

emnify can offer several branding options with customized artwork with the cooperation of our SIM/eSIM suppliers.

In order to enable our customers to order branded SIMs, there are a few requirements which are outlined in this article.


  • A contract or a purchase order must have been signed by the customer.

  • A minimum order quantity of 10.000 SIMs.

  • Graphic artwork design is provided in the supplier's required format.


  • For pricing information, please contact our Sales and Customer Success Departments.

Process and Lead Time

Below is the high-level process and lead time to design and develop a specific artwork, and to have the SIM/eUICC manufactured and shipped.

  1. Supplier's guideline for artwork design are shared with the customer by emnify.

    This is assumed to be the project starting day, T0.
  2. The customer creates high-resolution graphical files that meet the supplier dimensions, and provides them to emnify.

    Estimated lead time: 2 weeks; total elapsed T0+2W
  3. emnify and our SIM/eUICC supplier check and validate the provided artwork.

    1 week; total elapsed T0+3W
  4. Our SIM/eUICC supplier develops the artwork and creates a PDF printing proof to be approved by the customer.

    2 weeks; total elapsed T0+5W
  5. The customer approves the artwork.

    1 week; total elapsed T0+6W

  6. Upon the customer's approval, emnify shares the SIM/eUICC Purchase Order with the supplier.

    1 week; total elapsed T0+7W
  7. The custom SIM/eUICC cards are produced and delivered to the emnify warehouse.

    6 weeks; total elapsed T0+13W
  8. The SIM cards are shipped to the customer site.

    1 week; total elapsed T0+14W


PDF or PLASTIC proof

Instead of a high-resolution PDF printing proof, customers can also receive plastic samples to better evaluate the actual rendering of the graphic artwork.

This is because the PDF printing proof, even in hi-res quality, is always slightly different from the actual rendering of the artwork on the plastic of the SIM/eUICC.

In case plastic samples are requested, the total lead time must be increased by two weeks, resulting in a total delivery time of 16 weeks. 

Customized QR code

If customers want to include a QR code embedded with the company's information (e.g., website URL) and other required data, this is also possible considering the following conditions:

  • The QR code and its embedded information (e.g., an URL) is the same for all SIM cards or

  • If variable data (e.g., the BIC) is being requested, then a complete product development would be needed with four months for developing and testing, plus production, shipping and delivery. For this development, a Minimum Order Quantity of 50.000 units is needed.


Artwork constraint

The graphical artwork must be compatible with the SIM laser-engraved data (BAR codes, ICCID, PIN, PUK, MSISDN), without obstructing readability.

Laser printing guideline

 laser printing 1-20210831-093315


Customer LOGO on the SIM plug

laser printing 2-20210831-093339

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