IoT Data Plans and Pricing

Configure the tariff plan that aligns with your device data usage and business cycle. No fixed contract terms. Flexible change of tariff.

Platform Usage
Access the EMnify platform with a pay-as-you-go or inclusive volume tariff
Starting from
<0,01 EUR/MB (EU28) or <0,04 EUR/MB (Global)
  • Activate/suspend SIM anytime
  • No setup or hidden fee

Get the SIM type of your choice.
Commercial SIM
(4in1, 3in1, or eSIM / eUICC)
Starting from <2 EUR/SIM
Industrial SIM
(3in1, 2in1, or MFF2)
Starting from <3 EUR/SIM

Cellular Coverage


Select global or regional tariffs based on your deployment.

Tariff options
Global, Americas, EU, APAC,
Middle East, Africa

Multiple operators per country


What's included

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Global Connectivity

  • 540+ networks in 180+ countries
  • Data (2G, 3G, 4G, LTE-M, NB-IoT), SMS & USSD
  • Auto-selection of the best network
  • Factory Test Mode for pre-deployment connectivity testing
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Easy Integration

  • Data Streamer for real-time connectivity insights into your IoT dashboards
  • Regional breakout to keep data local
  • Automated integration into your cloud of choice (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud)


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Automation Tools

  • SMS API to send automated SMS commands to your devices
  • REST API or no-code solutions to automate SIM and connectivity management
  • Quota API to build your own prepaid model
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Management Portal

  • 360° visibility into SIM, network & data usage
  • OpenVPN for remote device access from any workstation
  • Network blacklisting to proactively block low-quality connections at specific locations
  • Data limit for better cost and usage control
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Network Security

  • Cloud Connect to establish a secure private network for your devices (extra fee)
  • Network firewall to filter all illegitimate traffic using an IP whitelist
  • Custom DNS setting for your devices
  • IMEI lock to avoid SIM misuse

24/7 Customer Support

  • IoT expert support via email, live chat, or phone
  • Dedicated customer success managers who speak your language (EN, DE, IT, FR, ES)
  • Comprehensive documentation and knowledge base

With effect of April 01, 2021, we reserve the right to charge additional access fees for certain countries. As per current day, these are USA (0,19 USD/0,16 EUR), Switzerland (0,60 USD/0,50 EUR), United Arab Emirates (0,36 USD/0,30 EUR) and Australia (0,28 USD/0,23 EUR).

From October 01, 2021, we also charge additional access fees (0,20 USD/0,17 EUR) for Burkina Faso, Egypt, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Morocco, Mali, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Tunisia.

Please note that that the pricing calculation shown on this page does not include such additional access fees. Should you be interested in receiving a binding proposal, please contact our sales team for an individual offer.

Try out our solution and receive:


3 SIM cards and

10€ credit for Data & SMS usage



24/7 support and guidance to make the most out of your solution


Full access to our platform for 60 days to try out our services

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I choose pay as you go or inclusive volume?

Pay as you go pricing is best if your data usage significantly fluctuates from month to month. 

Inclusive data pricing is best if your monthly data consumption remains relatively stable, and you can set a pooled data allowance to be shared among all devices.

How long is the contract period?

There is no minimum contract commitment, it is a monthly rolling contract, meaning that you can terminate a plan at any time for any reason.

Which payment options are available?

You can pay by credit card (VISA, Mastercard, AmEx, Discover Card and Maestro) or PayPal.

Which stepping is applied?

We offer the best stepping possible by default which is a 1KB stepping.

How can I order SIMs and airtime?

SIMs can be ordered anytime via the EMnify portal; you will see a green “Order SIM” button in the top right-hand corner of the EMnify portal home screen. The SIMs will be shipped immediately upon completion of payment. Airtime can be purchased on a pay-as-you-go basis or in predefined amounts; predefined airtime packs are available at discounted rates, for more information, please contact our Sales Team at +49 30 555 7 33333 or

Do prices include VAT?

All mentioned prices exclude VAT.

What are “Active” SIMs?

Active SIMs are SIMs that you have purchased and activated in the EMnify User Interface.

The Monthly Platform Management Fee is based on the number of active SIMs in your repository. SIMs which have been purchased, but are not yet activated, are not subject to the Management Fee. Similarly, SIMs which have been suspended or deleted are also not subject to the Fee.

Are restrictions to certain zones or networks possible?

We allow you to flexibly choose which zones your SIMs are allowed to use and you can additionally blacklist specific operators if needed.

Are there any other associated fees?

EMnify provides you with real-time access to charges for data consumption, SMS and USSD commands. Additionally, your monthly platform fee is based on the number of Active SIM cards for that month.

The only one-time fee charged are for SIMs at the time you order them.

There are no hidden fees, and billing statements can be calculated at any time through the EMnify User Interface portal.

Are cost limits possible to configure?

We allow you to configure limits for groups of SIMs or individual SIMs on each service. You can try it out in our Portal, research our knowledge base or contact us to get more details.