EMnify enables connectivity by combining 540+ providers into a single global, mobile network

EMnify includes the following features and functionalities:

Global Cellular Connectivity

Connect your IoT/M2M device in over 180 countries and 540+ mobile networks with a single service provider. EMnify was built specifically for the connectivity needs of developers, enterprises, and CSPs by delivering data, SMS and USSD communication methods.

EMnify connectivity enables you to have:

  • Seamless global coverage through a network-agnostic SIM
  • A consistently high quality of service and reliability
  • The choice between the best network signal and the least cost by country
  • Data, SMS (both peer-to-peer and application-to-peer), and USSD services
  • Enterprise-grade SLAs and outstanding 24/7 customer support
Global Cellular Connectivity

Device Connectivity Management

Device Connectivity Management

View detailed and scalable device connectivity management through the EMnify User Interface (EUI) web portal or integrated API. Take control over how you connect your IoT and M2M devices or services.

Our management platform enables you to:

  • Provide network access and manage your endpoints on a single platform
  • Lifecycle management of your SIMs
    • Activation
    • Deactivation
    • Configuration and provisioning
  • Monitor real-time connectivity status and usage
  • Remote provision your devices over-the-air
  • Full control
    • Set limits per device
    • Control geographic coverage; network permissions
    • Allocate data plans to single or multiple devices

RESTful API Integration

The EMnify RESTful API unifies IoT deployments across multiple mobile network operators. It's an abstraction layer for IoT and M2M connectivity and seamlessly integrates into your business processes and applications.

API integration enables:

  • Automation of business processes
    • Auto-provision SIMs
    • Automated testing of connectivity
  • Completely automated deployment of products and services
  • Enhanced troubleshooting and diagnostics for better decision-making
  • Real-time information of usage, network connects and service quality
  • Communication directly with devices via programmable SMS and USSD
RESTful API Integration

Enhanced M2M Security

Enhanced M2M Security

Deploy your IoT devices and applications in a secured network environment provided by EMnify’s software-defined network (SDN) system architecture.

Security features include:

  • Authenticated devices and enforced service profiles
  • Private device cloud with secure VPN access
  • Preventing unsolicited communication to, from and between devices
  • Network-based firewall to apply access control list and traffic filtering
  • Limiting access to specific services (e.g., SMS) and apply usage restrictions

IoT Monetization Options

An all-inclusive monetization tool for connected devices and services. Generate revenue-based subscription models that enable you to directly charge customers for services such as data usage and SMS. Extend your IoT services to increase subscription revenues for devices.

With EMnify you have the ability to:

  • Create subscription management services for your customers
  • Offer IoT devices and services with embedded connectivity
  • White-label storefronts for brand consistency
  • Integrate end-use billing and charging
  • Limit connectivity to predefined usage parameters
IoT Monetization Options