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EMnify launches first ever service and connectivity management bundle | EMnify

EMpower is the only single-provider platform for billing, subscription, digital fulfilment, provisioning and connectivity management

MWC16 booth Hall 7 Stand 7L51 | Berlin | February 23, 2016: EMnify, the Berlin-based global cellular M2M and IoT connectivity platform, has launched its delivery engine, EMpower. Available immediately, EMpower is the first complete connectivity and management platform of its kind. It enables Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and vendors of connected devices with a bundled solution for payment/billing, subscription management and digital fulfilment, along with provisioning and connectivity management.


The system also includes a desktop and mobile front-end consumer application, EMstore, through which end-users can manage their subscription and billing account details.


EMnify CEO and co-founder Frank Stöcker says EMpower is not about ‘reinventing the wheel’ for managing connected devices but rather it’s aimed at offering a comprehensive solution that enables OEMs to more efficiently manage and monetize their IoT ventures.


“There are many companies that provide service bundles for managing payments, subscriptions and fulfillment – particularly in the digital goods space, what’s been missing though is the connectivity layer, ” Stöcker says.


“There’s currently no complete solution that couples the traditional management bundle for payments, subscriptions and content delivery with GSM connectivity and provisioning and SIM management. Our solution provides one complete platform for this, throughout the lifecycle of the product.”


This additional layer of management also creates additional recurring revenue streams for OEMs and hardware vendors, on top of their existing hardware revenues, says Alex Schebler, EMnify Chief Sales Officer and co-founder.


“We’re enabling product companies to generate service revenues, without them actually having to become a service company,” Schebler says.


“With EMpower, connected device vendors can offer and sell add-on digital products and services throughout the device lifecycle. They can also create, maintain and modify end-users’ usage and subscription plans. This generates an entirely new and recurring revenue stream for vendors and OEMs whose value chain has traditionally ended with the one-time sale of a physical product.”


This solution becomes the first of its kind, enabling device manufacturers with an all-in-one, connected service around their devices. It negates the need for OEMs/hardware vendors to seek out and build their own system using different service providers for subscription management, payment management and mobile connectivity (SIM management).


EMpower is also an entirely scalable solution, enabling out-of-the-box connectivity and management for deployments of any size, from one unit of products to one hundred – or more. This means OEMs and hardware vendors are able to deploy devices on a small scale to test prototypes or execute soft-launches while still enjoying all the benefits of a comprehensive management and connectivity.


EMnify will be exhibiting EMpower and its complete connectivity solution at Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, February 22 – 25. Attendees will be able to and learn more about the solution at Booth Hall 7 Stand 7L51. Book an appointment here.


EMnify will also be exhibiting at CeBIT 2016 in Hannover, March 14 – 18: IoT Pavilion, Stand D80. Book an appointment here.


About EMnify: EMnify is a next-generation elastic Cloud Service that enables enterprises and OEMs to connect M2M and IoT devices globally throughout the lifecycle of a device. It uses provider-agnostic M2M SIM cards in combination with a custom-built, scalable and globally distributed Evolved Packet Core (EPC). EMnify serves as a Trusted Service Manager (TSM) and fully supports eUICC deployments. It’s RESTful-API and management platform can be fully integrated into existing systems to aid monetization of IoT ventures. EMnify services are provided as SaaS and IaaS, supporting cellular and LPWAN connectivity. www.emnify.com


Additional information

EMpower features and benefits

Feature Benefits
EMstore - Front-end, white label consumer app > Fully brandable

> Consumers can manage:

  • Usage

  • Balance/Account history

  • Subscription Period/Expiration

  • Status

This reduces support cases/incidents because customers can see if their service is not active due to balance or subscription expiration without needed to contact customer service.
Subscription management > OEMs/hardware vendors can:

  • Create, maintain, suspend or terminate subscriptions at any time

  • Offer and sell additional add-on digital products and services throughout the device lifecycle

  • Manage end-users’ data usage and subscription periods
Integrable API
  • One management interface for managing and collating billing, subscription, content delivery and connectivity data

  • End user application can be integrated into OEMs/hardware vendors existing systems to manage customer data and usage/billing activity
Payment management > Multiple online payment options

  • PayPal

  • Credit Card
Connectivity management > Policy control and management

> Enforcement:

  • How much data end-user can consumer

  • How many SMS end-user can send

  • Which locations the device can connect in

> Service limitations – OEMs/hardware vendors can enable and restrict the way end-users connect their devices