Meet emnify at IoT Tech Expo North America 2024!

IoT Tech Expo is the leading event for IoT this year! Join us in exploring the latest challenges, opportunities and innovations within the Internet of Things and the impact it has across industry sectors.

Book a meeting with us to receive:

  • Platform demonstration: our team will provide you with a comprehensive demonstration of our cutting-edge platform and how it can seamlessly integrate with your business.
  • Free test SIM kit: with three eSIMs to explore the power of our connectivity solutions firsthand.
  • Invaluable resources: we'll equip you with a range of useful documents and materials to aid you in making well-informed decisions for your company's growth and success.

    Don't miss emnify's VP of Sales, Chad Kerr, during his panel discussion titled "Deploying IoT Management Tools to Achieve Production Targets" on June 6th, Day 2 of the event.

    Your IoT business is dynamic, finding ways to go after new opportunities, unlock new use cases, expand to new markets. emnify's solutions give you the ability to design your connectivity to meet your unique business and operations requirements.

    Ready to make it all possible?