We are excited to announce that we are stepping into the spotlight as platinum sponsors for the first time at this year's EV Charging Infrastructure event in Orange County, California!

This event is exclusive for the automotive and electrical power industry, offering a platform for collaboration and exploration of new developments in electrical infrastructure and charge port technologies to support the growing use of electric vehicles.

Join us as emnify's VP of Sales North America, Chad Kerr, takes the stage to present on "IoT-enhanced Security in EV Charging Infrastructure." During the presentation, you'll uncover:

  • Evolution of Security Needs: Explore how security requirements have evolved in EV charging infrastructure and the strategies needed to address them effectively.
  • Role of Cloud-Native Solutions and SASE: Learn about the pivotal role played by cloud-native solutions and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) in enhancing distributed network performance and ensuring robust security.
  • AI's Transformative Impact: Understand the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on security, including its role in anomaly detection and network resilience, ensuring a safer and more reliable charging infrastructure.
  • And much more!

Don't miss out on this invaluable opportunity to gain insights into the critical importance of security in EV Infrastructure.

To maximize your experience, we invite you to book a meeting with Chad and the emnify team. During the meeting, you'll receive a personalized platform demonstration, a complimentary test SIM kit, and a range of useful documents and materials to assist you in making well-informed decisions for your company's growth and success.

So, are you ready to unlock your EV business's full potential?


See you in Orange County, CA!