Borderless opportunity: scaling IoT connectivity for global use


This is the fourth post in a four-part blog series dedicated to informing four key decisions businesses are faced with in their IoT connectivity journey. Check out the first, second and third posts.

IoT networks only develop their full potential when scaled for global use. However, some measures must be put in place to enable successful and adequate IoT scaling. The Internet of Things is growing steadily as the number of networked devices continues to grow, the amount of applications and data processed increases exponentially. Such significant growth naturally calls for scalability – now one of the essential elements of any competitive IoT device solution.

However, there are some hurdles to overcome, particularly in terms of hardware requirements. For example, database servers and storage units must be able to process increasing amounts of data at short notice. Another challenge is the achievement of new regional dimensions. Due to the lack of technological conditions, there are currently only IoT networks that are primarily designed for regionally limited use. Different connectivity, devices, applications, protocols and data types must be adequately recorded in order to subsequently integrate them with each other on a worldwide scale. That said, the benefits of a scaled IoT are enormous.

Scale IoT – take your technology to the next level

In our cellular IoT solutions, we see the key to success primarily in innovative network technologies. It is particularly important to focus on existing network technologies that have been established for many years, among other things. Technologies such as 2G, 3G, 4G LTE are of course current world leaders, however, the future will bring further technologies, especially in industrial terms.

This includes innovative M2M and IoT technologies such as LTE-M and NB-IoT. These two technologies have made a name for themselves worldwide under the guise of LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Networks). They differ massively from conventional data networks and offer significant advantages such as battery life, network coverage and IoT device security. Transfer rate only plays a subordinate role since other factors are ultimately more important. These networks were developed explicitly for the requirements of the IoT devices.

LPWAN technology is a popular choice because of its advantages:

  • Cost cutting

LPWAN modules are cheaper because they are not as complex. The cost savings come, among other things, due to a smaller bandwidth and a simple modulation scheme.

  • Improved coverage

IoT network technologies use low frequency bands to better penetrate objects. In addition, reception is better in difficult-to-reach environments.

  • Extended battery life

The simple signal processing leads to a lower total power consumption.

  • Smaller form factor

Due to the low complexity in signal processing, new IoT application areas can be developed by miniaturizing LPWAN modules.

How emnify SIMs help by scaling IoT solutions

Above all, network coverage is of fundamental importance for global IoT connectivity. emnify customers benefit from worldwide network coverage: In over 180 countries with more than 540 mobile networks ensuring mobile devices are equipped with reception. In addition, reception is also optimized, because emnify IoT SIM cards independently select the network offering the strongest signal.

Success stories  scaled IoT for our customers 

ATMOTRACK, a company that operates a real-time air quality monitoring system, is an emnify customer and success storyThanks to emnify SIM cards that are operator-independentATMOTRACK use sensors within the worldwide IoT network. The sensors always connect to the best network available, guaranteeing global coverage. In addition, emnify connectivity was easily integrated into ATMOTRACK’s own tools.

Solarly, a company that develops solar systems for rural communities in various developing countries in Africa, has an equally exciting story to tell. emnify’s services enable Solarly to access solar systems in Africa, from its Belgian headquarters, to make changes in the configuration system. Solarly makes particular use of the new network coverage options and due to this, access to electricity can be made possible. Once again, thanks to a streamlined and intuitive user interface, Solarly gained access to additional functions and data via the emnify platform.

We at emnify are proud that we have been able to contribute to numerous customer success stories.

Connectivity beyond the horizon – thanks to scalable IoT 

Scaling IoT connectivity systems for global use is not a problem for emnifyRegardless of sector, with the right technologies and service providers, every business can scale their IoT solution for global growth. This is especially the case when using network technologies that were developed specifically for IoT scenarios as there is sufficient potential and technological basis to overcome global hurdles. Even if the IoT network technologies are still quite innovative and have not yet expanded globally, the technological means are ready and just waiting to be used. The transformation is already in full swing at emnify, where our customers’ success stories speak for themselves.

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