How to monitor and optimize your IoT device connectivity


This is the third post in a four-part blog series dedicated to informing four key decisions a business is typically faced with in its IoT connectivity journey. The second post in this series outline how to choose the right connectivity provider for your business.

In order to effectively and efficiently monitor, control and optimize your business’ IoT network, you need the right tools and resourcesIoT networks take on complex dimensions where multiple devices in different locations – for example, sensors – are intricately linked. Connecting the devices is one thing but monitoring and controlling the IoT connectivity of each individual device in real-time is another thing entirely.

Typically, this process also includes extracting and evaluating data from the integrated end devices. Network owners who process the data sensibly, regularly distilling insights and using those insights correctly to inform decision-making will optimize not only their IoT devices, but their entire business. Read on to learn more about how we monitor and optimize the IoT connectivity of customer devices at emnify. 

What does effective monitoring and optimization look like?  

Going back to basics for moment – it's important to understand the meaning of the words “monitoring” and “optimizing” because they are thrown around a lot. Done correctly, what additional benefits do effective monitoring and optimization enable? After all, if devices have already been connected, then they can already communicate with one another – what else do you need in an IoT network? 

It is important to understand that pure technical networking is only means to an end. An IoT network only makes sense if the IoT devices are properly monitored and controlled in real-time. This is the only way to tap, filter and evaluate different types of data and use that information for smart decision-making 

On top of this, ideally the entire IoT ecosystem should be intuitive to use and simple to visualize, ensuring a seamless user experience.

The emnify Solution

emnify customers can make simple evaluations, visualizations and analyses of connection and device status data. Our SIMs and monitoring platform offer numerous functionalities to facilitate effective and efficient monitoring and optimization throughout the IoT connectivity business journey. For example:

  • Live dashboards

With user-friendly dashboards, you can monitor your IoT devices easily and clearly. The dashboards are freely configurable so that you can use real-time information that is relevant to your business.

  • Reporting at device level

Carry out reporting at each device level. In addition to the current data, you can also access historical data.

  • Location tracking

Use geo-tracking to locate all your business’ IoT devices. You can also set restrictions via geo-fencing.

  • Alerts and notifications 

Receive centralized notifications and alerts about all relevant device and system events. 

Monitoring and Optimization Blog Image-4Effective functionality integration 

Of course, the most innovative and promising functions only offer real added value when all integrative aspects work together – even aspects that go beyond the actual functionalities. Cross-software IoT device monitoring should be ensured. This allows systems, applications and processes on the same platform. Network security is obviously paramount as inadequate IoT security is an increasingly serious issue (for an overview of IoT security best practices to consider when protecting your business, download the emnify Guide for Cellular IoT Security). Thanks to emnify's cloud-native technology and expanded network functions, we are secure by design meaning your devices and applications operate in a secure environment. 

The role of humans in the IoT world 

While well-functioning software and strong network coverage are crucial, so too is the IoT ecosystem owner – in other words, humansNo matter how expansive the technological possibilities become, human expertise will and should remain a key component in every IoT concept. Especially considering businesses are relieved of the operational and administrative activities in successful IoT solution – freeing up the expertise of their employees for essential processes – resulting in higher productivity and less error.  

Once the project set-up phase is complete, focus turns to monitoring the IoT devices within the network. The most important data can be evaluated via dashboards, informing smart business decision-makingAlongside this evaluation, ongoing development of the system landscape must also continueFor example, it might be necessary to integrate a new device into the networkWith emnify, access to mobile networks and communication channels can be set up intuitively. The system landscape should be expanded to include your reports in daily maintenance. This is the case if, for example, new evaluation criteria are available or if existing evaluations are to be optimized.

Monitoring and optimization done right 

In summary, the terms "monitoring" and "optimization" should be considered separately. While monitoring tends to describe a function within an IoT network, optimization is an ongoing process in the long term. Nevertheless, both terms have intersections and interlock. For example, with the dashboards. On one hand, this is monitored, on the other hand, it should always be developed further. With every further development you get one step closer to the optimum. With its numerous functions, integrability and data security, you are on the right track with emnify to monitor and optimize your IoT devices. End users also play an important role. They are essential and are needed from the start, whether during the introductory project or in everyday project life. In the end, it is the people who optimize the system by recognizing dependencies in evaluations or by preparing new reports.

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The next post in this series offers guidelines on how to scale your IoT network for global growth.

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